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Internet Browsers (Resolving Host Issue)

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    Internet Browsers (Resolving Host Issue)


    I noticed that with Windows 8 or 8.1, my internet browsers (IE and Google Chrome) always have this "resolving host" issue when I surf at home.

    I have several other computers/laptops at home which are running windows 7 but they didn't have this issue before when they were all used at the same time. But when I use my Acer 392, they start having the same resolving host issue.

    Not sure whether other users have faced this issue. Is it a windows issue?
    I have tried some of the methods found on internet forums but doesn't seem to help much.

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    My Chrome does this too. I'd like to hear answers. I'm on satellite internet so thought it had to do with my ISP. I have an Acer laptop, hope it isn't an Acer weird thing.

    Oh, welcome to Windows EightForums!

    PS: It shows in the lower left real time status on Chrome. Sure seems to delay things a bit. Maybe ISP using proxies?
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    On non-Windows 8 machines, it's good to disable the DNS service. I am fairly sure that Microsoft borked it all up and made it so it is needed on Windows 8 as part of just, well, borking it up (they obviously do not see it that way, heh.)

    But anyway, it's good to set the router to use OpenDNS as its DNS server, in WAN settings. This way, it is almost always even faster than your own ISP's server. Another benefit is that when you type an address wrong, it doesn't get re-directed to what they want to show you. Instead, it shows a page like this:

    Click image for larger version

    I use and my fallback is

    Here is a DNS benchmarking tool made by Steve Gibson. You can find your own quickest DNS server with it, for your location.
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    Cool tool MasterChief, thanks!
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Internet Browsers (Resolving Host Issue)
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