My hard drive crashed last week so I had to re-install Windows 8.1 (although I was using Windows 8 before) and then install Windows Live Mail.

When I'm in WLM and reading an email, the fonts are kind of weird in the sense that they are spaced much differently side by side (kerning). Yet when I'm writing an email, everything looks fine. Everywhere else on my computer (internet, MS Word), the fonts are fine as well.

I tried playing around with the "Read" settings in WLM, but nothing helped (changing fonts, etc). Then I even restored Windows to an earlier time, that didn't help either. Then I "repaired" Live Essentials, but that didn't do anything.

One thing I should say is that when I was re-installing Windows, I copied my old fonts from Windows 8.0 into the new Windows fonts folder and overrode what was there (since I have extra fonts). Maybe I should not have done this, and just installed the new fonts. But I can't imagine this is the problem since the fonts everywhere else, and even in WLM when writing an email, look fine.

As seen above, the text on the left is written, and everything is fine. Yet when I'm reading it (on the right), the spacing is different and more spread out. I know it may not look like it here (since it's too small), but believe me, when I read it in 12 point in a paragraph, it looks very different.

And also, in some emails that I read, the fonts are even completely different fonts from the settings and even change to different fonts when I go back into WLM and the same email, which is very strange.

Do you know what the problem is? Will I have to re-install WLM?