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Annoying YouTube bugs on Windows 8.1

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    Windows 8.1 (Update 1) Pro 64 bit

    Annoying YouTube bugs on Windows 8.1

    Hey all!

    I encountered 2 very annoying problems with YouTube on Internet Explorer 11 after installing Windows 8.1 and I hope someone might have a fix for this.

    Problem no 1.: For some reason, I'm not able anymore to click on the videoscreen instead of the tiny Pause button to pause the video or let it play again. This seems to only happen as soon as an ad pops up during the video (see picture below). Leaving this ad or closing it makes me unable to click the lower half of the videoscreen to pause or play the video. The weird thing is that the upper half of the videoscreen DOES react to clicking (as shown in the picture, marked by the red square). Again, this problem doesn't occur until an ad pops up during the video. The problem is also gone when playing the video in fullscreen.

    Click image for larger version

    Problem no 2.: When playing a video in fullscreen, I can see that YouTube is automatically trying to switch the video to HD quality (Red HD logo next to the gear button right below). However, the video doesn't switch to HD quality at all and I still have to manually click the gear button and select 720p or 1080p to make the video react to it. Selecting Automatic doesn't solve the problem.

    I don't have any extensions installed in my Internet Explorer 11 browser.

    Specs: Windows Pro 8.1 64bit with Media Center
    Nvidia GTX 660Ti, 332.21 WHQL driver

    Anyone else has these bugs and/or have a fix for this?

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    Windows 8.1 (Update 1) Pro 64 bit

    Am I the only one who has these problems?

    Wanted to let you guys know that a clean install of windows 8.1 didn't help either...
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Annoying YouTube bugs on Windows 8.1
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