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Windows Live Mail keeps crashing in Windows 8.1

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    Windows Live Mail keeps crashing in Windows 8.1

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. Normallly I have never found it necessary to seek out help with previous versions of Windows, however I have found Windows 8.1 to be extremely antagonizing and desperately need help.

    One of many issues is that I can't get Windows Live Mail configured to work properly with Windows 8.1. I figure this has something to do with conflict between my regular email account (TELUS is my internet provider) and the MICROSOFT account that was crammed down by throat post purchase of my new computer (an outlook account).

    Under Windows 8.1 I have had numerous Windows Live Mail very strange glitch is all the messages in my inbox seem to disappear for no reason...this occurs whenever I get over a certain amount of emails. I really have no idea how many emails is too much, or if there is another reason why this occurs.

    Windows Live Mail also continues to crash. Whatever settings I used for my TELUS email account don't work in Windows 8.1. I have had to re-make my address book and reinstall Windows Essentials numerous times. After reinstallation Windows Live Mail will work for a short period, and then crash again.

    I am wondering if Microsoft wants to force me to use their OUTLOOK server account, however, I really don't like the outlook interface. I want to desperate get Windows Live Mail working with Windows 8.1, as I have a huge amount of email traffic to do with work, clubs, and family. Has anyone else had issues with Windows Live Mail under Windows 8.1? And anyone have any idea why it keeps crashing?

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    Welcome to Windows Eight Forums, cande374.

    Did you install with the compatibility mode?
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    Hmmm...that would be great if that was the problem. Thanks for the information....I've tried the compatible settings post-install, maybe that will help.
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    Are you dead set on using WLM as your email client. I use Outlook 2010/2013 as my preferred email client. There are alternatives out there and some pretty good free ones.

    This one is my 2nd favorite eM Client. The only drawback is: with the free version you can only have 2 email accounts the paid version is up to 10, I think. It looks/works and acts like WLM/Outlook.
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    I have used Live Mail since it's invention. To date I have not had the slightest problem. I am now using it with 8.1

    Two points to note, when I log in, after a reinstall or whatever, my contacts are automatically recovered.

    Your chosen provider, telus, cannot possibly remove the mail from your inbox, so it is a problem somewhere else. There is no function, of which I am aware, in Live mail, to delete the contents of your inbox after any prescribed time, etc.
    Only explanation on hand at the moment is a possible virus?

    One other thought, are you, possibly, changing login accounts each time, and the mail is still there, but in a different folder?
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    thank you bassfisher

    Thank you bassfisher6522 I will try the EMCLIENT...I have tried other email clients with Windows 8.1 with no success, I appreciate your feedback. Perhaps this one will work!

    ps: just in case others are wondering I have tried THUNDERBIRD and it also crashed.

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Windows Live Mail keeps crashing in Windows 8.1
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