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IE11 Opening

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    IE11 Opening

    Happy new year everyone, hope its a good one for you all.

    Someone remind me please how to enable IE11 to open full screen. I have just changed my default back to IE11 due to Chrome's persistent crashing

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    Hey Mike,

    For the desktop IE11, you could press the F11 key to toggle full screen mode on/off.
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    I did see a potential answer which went out for dinner in the midst of it, so left it alone. It did mention F11 but not as a permanent solution but something to press whenever IE was opened. So if I press F11 once, it remembers? Am I right? (Unless of course I press it again!).

    edit: just seen another that says drag window open to full screen, then, holding down ctrl, hit the X to close it and it will open full screen from then on. Tried that and waiting for a failure

    Damn. Went to Google Earth and it opens small screen, pressed F11 and it opened but FULL screen, eg: no buttons. no good for me. I had to press F11 to make it smaller so I could use the buttons.

    Went back to google earth, opened small screen, dragged the corners over to the edges and - holding ctrl, hit the X to close it. Then opened it again - full screen.

    Looks like I have to do this for EVERY shortcut!!! I don't want FULL screen but FILL screen.

    nope, windows shrink again when re opened later .............................

    I seem to have the IE icon opening the browser in FILL screen every time now, but the desktop shortcuts to online webs are not playing ball.
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    sod it, all fell apart, back to Chrome. Microsoft GET IT SORTED!!!
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    Normally IE will open the same way as it was last closed.

    Did you click on the maximize button (top right corner), then close IE to set it?
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    yes mate, next time in - small window
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    If you like, see if after resetting your folder views back to default are you able to set IE to maximize again after closed the same.

    Folder View Settings - Reset to Default in Windows 8
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IE11 Opening
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