Hello I started using Verisign as my Certificate Authority (CA) which is now owned by Symantec. Verisign sells Email Certificates called Verisgn Digital IDs now its called Norton Digital Ids.

Symantec Digital IDs for Secure Email ? Digital Signature | Symantec

The troubling part for me is the change to put "persona not validated" in the Common Name (CN).

I was looking at other providers like Comodo which seems to be the only provider that provides free 1 year email certificates but also follow the "persona not validated."

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The other providers I saw were:

Email SSL | SSL Certificates for Secure Email Encryption and Digital Signatures

Global Sign

I see that global sign has persona vaildatation but increase the price for it $70 from the others $20.

What CA do people recommend because I can't find a review site saying which is choose?

I mostly use Outlook 2013 64 bit as my s/mime client for my personal yahoo email.