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firefox win8 weird : /

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    firefox win8 weird : /

    I have win 8 dev x64 and have installed all available updates for win8 and firefox but when I'm using firefox, weird things happen such as colours change in the tabs, search bar, back and forward buttons, etc.

    Any ideas?

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    I'm running nvidia drivers for my gt540m on my laptop with drivers 285.62 for WINDOWS 7 and they work fine and install normally - you could try those drivers for the 9800m - Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers or are you using the latest version of firefox - (non beta)? If you get a error installing them do the following:

    To install a driver/program in compatibility mode - right click the setup.exe file - click properties - click compatibility - check run in compatibility with Windows7 - check run as administrator - leave the rest blank. Start setup.exe and install.

    Or try the latest non beta version of firefox if the drivers have no effect or try this firstly (version 10) - Mozilla Firefox Web Browser
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    Using version 10 of firefox and downloaded the latest nvidia drivers for my card.

    This is the only program it does this with. Everything else works perfect, well except for socialite which annoying won't let me log in : /
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    Windows 8 64bit Pro

    Have you any add-ons that may cause it - try selectively disabling add-ons and see if that works - tools then add-ons.

    You could also try uninstalling and reinstalling firefox if your out of ideas thru programs and features

    I just updated to fox 10, and my real player plug in wouldnt work, so i reinstalled 9.1 where it previously worked - all this says is they have changed something in version 10 - maybe you could also try a earlier version - hopefull i guess.
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    Am I int the right place?
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    i have that same problem. i have completely no idea what causes it, but if you download a custom theme for it, you might survive with just a little blinking spot.
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    Took all add - ons off, re-installed it, tried other versions, (I originally had 9. something then updated to 10 when I couldn't get it to stop changing colours)

    Still doing it so I have switched to Opera (NO problems so far)

    Thanks everyone
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

    Just want to share, I find Firefox 10 works fine here. Except the add ons for IDM CC 7.3.6 and Adobe Acrobat Creator 10, those two were dimmed and stated as incompatible by firefox. The rest are fine.

    Though IDM add-ons was said as incompat but it does take over download tasks as usual.
    I found the RP plugin works but not the browser record plugin.
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    I'm using Nightly 13.0a1 with no problem.
    My video card is a Radeon HD 6870.
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firefox win8 weird : /
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