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Windows Mail in 8.1 Saving emails to Documents?

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    Windows Mail in 8.1 Saving emails to Documents?

    Hi all, new forum member here and I thank you in advance if this has already been answered. I am rather enjoying the new Mail feature in 8.1 and it is "mostly" effortless to have all emails collectively in the one app. Problem I am having is I do sometimes need to send an email as an attachment to a web based submission form and it requires of course that I have the file/email saved locally so I can browse to it and attach.

    I am completely stymied as to how to do this as there is no way to save locally (other than then the backup path in AppData which the App already does) just certain emails I would prefer to save them as either a .txt or .html or even just a plain old .docx file in My Documents folder, so I can then send it in on in a format preferable by the recipient I am sending to.

    I read through this post here on the forums:

    Mail App - Backup Email Messages in Windows 8

    And while it makes sense, I still see no way to save a particular email other than as an .eml. Why is there not a simple feature such as save or save as within the Mail App itself?

    Any guidance and help would be most appreciated. Thanks!


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    There are several ways to do it that I can think of. The first and easiest would be to simply select all the text from the email and copy/paste it to a new text document on your PC which could be then attached to the web submission form.

    Another way would be to print the email to a file. I have the free version of Primo PDF installed which installs as a printer on your machine. When I want to print to a file, I select Primo PDF as my printer and it outputs the printout to a PDF file. If you would prefer plain text then there are programs out there that would do that.
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    Hiya Strollin, While that is a great response not quite what I am intending - let me be more elaborate... In sussing out where certain emails are coming from, I would also like to include the metadata, encoding etc? Does that make any sense? Cheers
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Windows Mail in 8.1 Saving emails to Documents?
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