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Set up mail in Windows 8.1?

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    Set up mail in Windows 8.1?

    Hey gang,

    So having Windows 8.1 for a couple of days now, have been playing around with it some. I am thinking I may be getting ahead of myself, but if I could I would like to ask clarification on a couple of things?

    First off, I have had an existing Hotmail email addy for some time. So I entered that in the Mail app, and I guess it coverted now my Windows 8 logon to reflect my Hotmail account when I sign on now. So does that mean I am always connected now to Hotmail, or

    Next up, I see the below screen when I click on the mail tile:

    Now to the right there, under basics, it shows a square that says Outlook with a down arrow I could select to " hop between" those items. But this screen is what comes up when I click the mail tile, not that one showing " Outlook" or any drop down arrow.
    And if I open up a window there, find it hard to know how to close it at all, end up hitting windows key to get back to start menu...
    In other words, I be confused!!

    So what have I done to myself, by setting up this mail thing in Windows 8?
    Before I built this new machine and installed it couple days ago, I was using Thunderbird to get both my Hotmail and Comcast emails and to send them... this is very new to me.

    Any guidance at all, would be very appreciated!


    - Don

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    Maybe to help clarify my above post:
    When I click on the mail tile, it goes directly to my Hotmail inbox. I do not have that little box shown on the right in the screenshot, beside where it states " The Basics"... can't see where to manage /add accounts or anything like that...

    Hope this helps clarify,

    Edit: I have been doing some searches this morning on the mail app in Windows 8 , and think I am slowly starting to wrap my head around it now gang. Certainly any tips appreciated but think I am getting there...
    I was thinking maybe I could add my Comcast POP email as well, but apparently it does not support that.
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    Nothing stopping you using Thunderbird again - works very well.

    To see what account you've signed in as (most probably hotmail), whilst in the programme, side swipe the charm bar on the far right and choose settings. Then select account which should tell you if its the hotmail account thats setup. More email accounts can be added.

    More help from here:
    Mail app for Windows - Microsoft Windows
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    Windows 8.1 64 bit

    Thanks, I really appreciate it - I am getting there!
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Set up mail in Windows 8.1?
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