I've recently upgraded to Window's 8.1 , I'm on my 3rd reinstall but still can't get IE 11 metro functioning properly, the dudes at Microsoft support keep making a mess so I then have to keep reinstalling. Nobody knows how to fix this problem!

Every time I start the machine and run IE metro it just goes to the blue screen with the big "E" symbol and crashes
event viewer reports :
"The server DefaultBrowser.DefaultBrowserActivatableClass did not register with DCOM within the required timeout."
IE opens silently on the desktop (that is the window is not visible but it's running) when I actually open the desktop then I get the "restore session message appearing" and I keep restoring sessions equal to the number of times I attempted to open IE in Metro.

I've been using a bizarre work around. First start machine then login wait for start up items to load, then hit the restart button wait for machine to restart login wait for start up items to load low and be hold IE metro runs.

IE metro will only run if a "RESTART" is used to start the machine.

1) Don't tell me all the usual crap like clearing file history ssl caches, it don't work!!!!
2) Don't tell me to reset the browser it don't work!!!!! it's how I found that just using the "RESTART" button works.
3) Don't tell me to uninstall IE via programmes and feature and unselecting the IE check box restarting and reinstalling IE that don't work either!!!

I getting very sick of the useless Pilipino dudes at Microsoft support, they are just googling for solutions, jeez I've already done that!!
Is Microsoft ever going to patch this piece of crap!!!! doesn't matter how often I reinstall the problem never goes away.