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How to use Winmail on Windows 8.

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    have given up on windows mail it does not want to work with my copy of windows 8 so it is not ditched so i am using windows live mail for current mail and Microsoft outlook for previous mail my experience with trying to get windows mail working on windows 8 i say do not try it i have failed 3 of my friends all failed and these 3 friends have been in computers since the very early days of computers in the 1970s if they cant get it going it must be something wrong with my copy of windows 8 so bye bye windows mail

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    I am typing on my win 7 laptop at present, somehow, without my telling it, it switched to using outlook (which I have always hated) as default for outgoing mail and deleted my gmail notifier!!!! Cheek!! Just reinstalled gmail notifier and my emails are swimming in calm water. Dont like windows email systems, they are antique.
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    Hope you can help - I followed all the instructions as descrided in endeavor's post (#10) and thought it had all worked. However when i click on the new 'Windows Mail' desktop icon I get a mesage saying "windows mail could not bestarted because msoe.dll could not be loaded".

    Have I done something wrong?

    Appreciate your help
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    With things like this it's best to stick to the original Tutorials over at SevenForums which are updated frequently. They work fine for Windows 8.

    I have Windows Mail and Windows Calendar (they go together so its worth doing both) working perfectly in Windows 8, but warning, security issues could ensue as Microsoft wont be patching it through Windows Update because it is totally unofficial. That's why we decided not to copy those tutorials over to these forums.

    How to use Winmail on Windows 8.

    Windows Calendar - Import into Windows 7 - Windows 7 Forums
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    Tried it but kept getting that msoe.dll could not be loaded message also.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mathewgx View Post
    Here's a solution for all who want to use winmail and windows 8.
    Updating 3 computers I have from Vista & 7 to 8. Giving up WinMail would have been impossible for me. I run several rare cancer groups and websites. I have wayyyy too many WinMail emails that need to be kept, full of info I need to consolidate.

    YOU, mathew, are my angel tonight. Have been trying to do this for a half a day. Then someone directed me to this post. I can't tell you how grateful I am. THANK YOU !
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    Gave up on winmail a long time ago, don't even think about it now. Gmail for me, no contest.
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    I have a Gmail account. And, a Yahoo one, and several of my own website ones. I like the fact that I can easily aggregate all of those accounts into one place and respond to any of the emails using the original 'sent to' email address. WinMail allows me to do that.
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    Does anyone know how I can change the Default email client to WinMail on Windows 8 so that when I click on a 'mailto' link, I can get WinMail to come up? I tried a registry fix, but it did not work.
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    Windows 8

    Problem after installing WM on Windows 8.
    Everything I post is in red & marked as a watched conversation. I tried
    to change it here: Tools>Options>Advanced Tab but
    My Advanced tab shows nothing under Settings. Compelely blank.
    Any help on how to make this show would be very appreciated.

    Thank you.

    How can I correct this?
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How to use Winmail on Windows 8.
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