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How to use Winmail on Windows 8.

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    Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 (x86/x64)

    Quote Originally Posted by ReneVanDelft View Post
    Both new OS (Windows 10) and old are 64. After the mistake of using Program Files x86 I never touched it again... I cannot see what I did wrong yet.
    (Have to go now. Golden tips still welcome of course. Bye!)
    I can reproduce your issue in a few ways.
    Follow directions properly.
    Start a fresh boot, meaning no instances of any WinMail.exe running in Task Manager before you start fresh!

    Follow and re-do all the steps in order, but also You need to take particular attention to:
    Make sure on Step 2. you properly Take Ownership
    Make sure on Step 3. you actually delete the whole "Program Files/Windows Mail" folder - make sure its gone!
    *!* Make sure you are unzipping the correct files for Your 64bit OS = "(x64)"
    Make sure for Step 4. you copy the unzipped Correct x64 "Windows Mail" folder in the same place of Step 3. (no nested dual Windows Mail folders either - just a single address of "Program Files/Windows Mail")
    Make sure for Step 6. your (x64) is using the correct msidcrl30.dll from = (x64)

    Follow directions properly from Post #10 and in 30 seconds you can have WM open properly

    When you find where you went astray Rene, which you will !
    ...please post back here to let us know so that it will help others.

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    Hi Endeavor, as mentioned on the Thumbs up comment, I succeeded...
    In previous attempts I renamed the WinMail folder as installed by default by Windows, thinking that would have the same effect. This time I thoroughly killed it. But on this same succesful action I downloaded your WinMail folder, instead of using the one that was in use on the Vista (64) machine. So, still not 100% sure what was decisive. I would guess it was step 3 above.
    Thanks again!
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    Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 (x86/x64)

    Well congratulations Rene,

    Yes it's possible to rename the folder and copy in the new one sure one can do that, however I outline to do it the way I do since it's clear cut, fewer human mistakes with mixing up folders which 25% do. Since it's important to replace nearly all the files and not just one like on Win7, and so just deleting the folder (which also proves out permissions were done right) then copying in the right folder in its place is foolproof from human errors, and the process is simplicity on a number of levels.
    I took that folder right from my own Vista x64, and so if you had Vista x64 then yes you yourself could of used your own folder - there is no difference (except maybe file version numbers depending on WU timing, but not really relevant since they all will work) I have a feeling you mistakenly took the files from your Vista programs x86 folder and is the only logical explanation why it went off into multiple instances, because that's the only thing that will cause that.
    I was insistent with you because I knew what I was saying ..but getting you to listen and just Do It at first was another story.

    Having a person go through the steps methodically, step by step and do exactly what it says, will work 100% of the time, ..and for those that make a mistake on their own along the way, then by going back through the step by step process Always flushes the problems out - proven time and time again.

    Anyway you succeeded and that's the point - nice job Rene!

    Have a great year..
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    hi guys!

    after last update of win10 of 12/07/2016 my Windows mail doesn't start anymore , tells me that doesn't find database, also if i create a new database i have an error numer 0x8010000A

    how can i do??

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    Windows XP/VISTA/7/10

    You'll find after every major Update to 10 it will get broke. Example, an Update to Remove Malicious Software & Bugs was released on 7/12/16 and it broke mine thus had to start from scratch again. Go to this link & follow it carefully if you still want to keep using Windows Mail. How to use Winmail on Windows 8. Post#10. Good luck........Bill
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    Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 (x86/x64)

    Quote Originally Posted by dacorsa View Post
    hi guys!

    after last update of win10 of 12/07/2016 my Windows mail doesn't start anymore...
    Hello dacorsa,

    You also have this same duplicate post question in the Windows 10 forum Here
    ...and the answer is the same as billg226 gave you, just replace your Windows Mail programs folder with your working one; similar resolve as the post just before yours in post #241 - please always put the effort in to read through the answers first before you post.

    As bill said, all instructions and explanations of these problems are on Post 10, please get familiar with it if you are going to use WinMail.

    Thank you, and have a great day!
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    Thanks my friends,

    now works is all ok!
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    windows 10

    I've been using Windows Mail on Windows 10. After a recent windows update, it stopped working. It took a while, but thanks to following directions and keeping a backup copy of the old working files on a flash drive, I was able to restore it.
    Here's how, as a reminder: delete the Windows Mail Folder in Program Files (NOT (x86) program files))...May have to use Take Ownership program)...and make sure no part of the program is running. I had to go into task manager to close out running windows mail process before it would let me delete.
    After deleting, copy and paste the old, working windows mail folder from flash drive to Program Files folder. Run the registry editor files provided below and voila.....working again. So happy. I love the simple interface, uncomplicated folder options and clean appearance of Windows mail.
    Thanks for all the help
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    Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 (x86/x64)

    Hello CJRyan,

    Welcome to the Eight Forums!
    I am glad you got it working again.
    Once you get the hang of what to do, you can restore WinMail working in less than a minute.
    You will want to run the Take Ownership program automatically, and then delete the WinMail folder.
    I suppose if one was trying to get WinMail to open when it was not working, even clicking repeatedly, yes then there would be instances of WinMail.exe running in task manager, and so yes end-task on it, or reboot to clear all instances before you can proceed.

    fwiw, all that instructional information has already long been posted in this forum on Post #10 Here

    Thank you for your post to be of help, and have a great day!

    ..and thinking about it a bit more, that's situation is good point CJRyan and we've run across this before. I just assumed that people would know what to do but I feel now it's a good idea to mention it as standard - and so I've edited my main post noting that scenario.

    If WinMail will not open after an update, and you've been clicking WinMail.exe to get it to start, then be sure to reboot Before you start the repair to clear any running instances of WinMail.exe first; or instead you can open Task Manager and end-task on any running instances of WinMail.exe Before you proceed to delete the program folder.
    Last edited by endeavor; 27 Jul 2016 at 06:37.
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    XP, 7, and 10

    Quote Originally Posted by mathewgx View Post
    Here's a solution for all who want to use winmail and windows 8.

    The procedure is almost the same as windows 7 , but we will need a dll file.

    First , we do the same procedure as in windows 7 :

    a) Take ownership of winmail forder ( if you use windows 8x64 , you need to take oweneship of program files/winmail and program files(x86)/winmail). Remember to check the " show system files " before that.

    b) Delete all the files in winmail forder and replace them with the windows 7 / winmail files.

    c) Copy msidcrl30.dll to c:/windows/system32 folder

    d) Now , we have to register the above dll. Open cmd and type : regsvr32 "c:/windows/system32\msidcrl30.dll" and press enter.

    Reboot , just in case , and you're done !!
    This worked for me in Windows 10. Here we are 4 years later, and Outlook Express/WinMail still lives! Thanks
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