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    Quote Originally Posted by billg226 View Post
    Endeavor, I finally got around to Restarting so Windows 10.1511.10586 would install. It went through a long process & I thought well it's installing anyway but when it was all done after an hour+ it was not the right build but reverted back to build 10240 7 broke WinMail but I used your instructions and got it back in couple minutes. I did some research on the "BIG" November Build 1511 and found out MS pulled it & will slowly send it back out.
    Anyway, thanks again for your time to come up with the easy to follow instructions.
    WinMail forever!!!!
    Hi Bill,

    When I installed the latest build I just mounted the iso of it, then installed it from there, is the best way by far imho, and did not take more than 15 to 20 minutes. I'm not sure why it took you an hour, unless you have an older machine for processor power. Fresh install or upgrade depending on preference, if I upgrade though I always remove the huge Windows Old folder afterwards, since if I want to revert versions there is no question in my mind, I will do it via partition imaging software.
    I'm not sure why you installed the wrong version, but of course it's all labeled and you can even do hash checks to verify what you're installing. I always sugest creating a C:\ partition image backup onto a different partition or via USB3.0 to a spare HD first, just in case, and so if you wanted to go back, it's much faster and way more accurate than a system software reversion.

    Yes there is always a bug or two in each new versions, it does not bother me especially when it's an upgrade of versions off the first version. When the time comes which should be sometime soon, that I can call a certain build a final in its class, I will do a fresh install of it from scratch. Until then am just going along for the ride to enjoy the scenery so to speak, just getting use to it.

    Anyway all is OT to the WinMail thread, including Classic shell, and so I'll stay on point. All have simple logical answers though anyway. Questions about those things though can be done under the right thread. (ps, hope the misses is okay ++)

    The WinMail part is easy.

    Best Wishes for everyone healthy in mind and body, and have great holidays!

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    Endeavor, my laptop I'm on now is a 2.4 processor. I've not had any luck with iso in past. So I'll just wait until 1511 comes via Windows Update but thanks for your instructions. See following: Microsoft pulls the plug on Windows 10 November Update (Update: Microsoft responds) - Microsoft News .

    Wife doing okay considering, thanks for asking.

    Main thing on here is WinMail is working & thanks again. Wishing you & yours a Happy Thanksgiving.........Bill
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    I can't link WinMail to my Windows Mail message store

    By following the instructions in post #10, it looks like I was able to (almost) get WinMail going on Win 10.

    My problem, at this point, is that when I launch WinMail, I get this error message:

    Click image for larger version

    Clicking OK gives this screen:

    Click image for larger version

    What ever directory I select (from the two I have listed below) I get this message:

    Click image for larger version

    I have lots of memory and my disks are only half filled.

    Part of my problem may (or may not) be that a couple of years back I installed an SSD as my new C:/ boot drive and ended up with a dual boot system. There are Windows Mail folders in both the Programs Files folders on my C: and D: drives. Before the Win 10 upgrade my WinMail under Win 7 was running out of the D:/Program Files folder.

    Looking around, I have found multiple Windows Mail message stores in Users\Me\Appdata\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail

    WindowsMail.MSMessageStore.2013_11_27_17457 11/27/2013 47,120 KB on my C: drive (this one looks like a backup)
    WindowsMail.MSMessageStore 12/02/2015 30,736 KB also on my C: drive
    WindowsMail.MSMessageStore 02/06/2013 43,024 KB on my D: drive

    The WinMail folder I set up is on my D: drive in place of the one that was working under Win 7.1.
    However, the most recent Message Store appears to be on the C: drive.

    Any ideas?
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    Hi John,

    From your screenshot background that looks like x64 right, you might want to change your spec to say x64 instead of just Win 10 Pro. Sometime these details are important for sure.

    Speaking of screenshots you did a good job of outlining your problem.

    I've never encountered that particular problem myself, but there was someone recently that pm'd me with a similar message store prompt message, but I don't know if they ever got it resolved.

    It's always something simple, however it might not be in this case because of a number of reasons and what you did to cause this issue. Thinking outloud here, if you imported you old message store into the new one and clicked some wrong buttons, or some other function similar you did setting up WinMail.

    Also I myself triple boot on each of my Primary partitions, and yes of course WinMail is on all my different OS's since Vista, However! in my case, I don't use a standard or definitely not the built-in boot loader of the OS, no way do I want MS or any particular OS boot loader system files getting its paws into any one of my other OS installs; iow, installing OS's allowing it to place 'any' of its OS files throughout any other of my primary partitions or even logicals is strictly not allowed on any of my setups! period! ...specifically because for those very reasons. On each Primary partition of mine, only One OS is allowed to be set active and set visible at any given time, the other two are Always set Hidden. When I install a new OS - all other primary partitions are set in-active, and set hidden, so that the built in boot loader does not see or activate, AND, it does not place any of its files within any other primary partitions. When I boot to other partitions OS's, automatically the one that it's leaving, is set inactive and set hidden (...anyway, all of which is very OT to WinMail so I don't want to digress here)

    Back to your issue, in order to solve your current problem I need to be able to reproduce your problem, and then develop a reverse for it. I would need to have your exact movements of what you did to duplicate it, and then resolve it, and/or your computer and keyboard in my hands to figure out how to set it straight.
    Also as you know I am a big supporter of everyone use a partition image backup software program, so that they can restore OS partition images at will, backwards or forwards in time, which allows them to have god like power over most all situations - I wish we could do that in real-life with our lifes' timeline - LoL

    You should only have One:
    ''C:\Users\you\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail'' folder and its specific related files within it's folder.
    (once you start fooling with files or accounts in this folder, or news or local folder (needs to be done only by an Expert user) ..then all bets are off, but once you do and the registry picks up various incorrect targets, then again you're in trouble! Some type of registry and/or system and/or partition image restore is necessary to set it aright again.

    I do know one thing for absolute sure, is if you install your OS anew, with it being the only OS seen on your system, and following proper importing guidelines, fresh installs are better, then absolutely you will be able to reinstate WinMail every single time without any problems.
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    Fixed it, thanks Endeavor

    Well.... I just gave up, deleted all of the Windows Mail folders I could find in Program Files (there were a few of them) and then redid it all using your downloaded Windows Mail folder.

    Took all of three minutes.
    When I started up WinMail my thousands of old emails were still there and it immediately downloaded all of the new emails I had missed over the past week.

    Works great. Thanks again.
    Last edited by JohnErbes; 04 Dec 2015 at 10:19.
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    Nice job then John,

    In order for you to still have those emails then you had to of... well it's complicated to type it all out.
    It's unlikely if you created multi-folders within your incoming WinMail folder that they would have stayed in order within the same folder structure. I don't care for restored folder structures either.

    Yes my message store from way back to Windows95/98/etc, etc, etc ...goes with me in each new OS install I do. Looking at my current inbox my first email goes all the way back to the early 1990's LoL!
    I have swapped my email store from one OS installation to another different one yes, but I will not even outline the procedure.
    Not many people do it, it's a complicated procedure sort of, well not if you have the exact steps written out; I've even forgotten most of it of which I mean ''to have it in my accessible brain memory that is'' ...and of course I would have to refer to my notes I made to myself. Next time I have to do it I need to organize my notes to myself better...I know I can succeed in doing it, but I would not walk anyone else through it and don't want to be responsible, and only advise installing from scratch and importing, etc.
    Yes swapping email store folders within ''the same OS'' but just different timelines (from restored partition images) very easy since the registry markers are all the same number, so it's just a delete/copy/paste of that entire folder. I do that part all the time.

    Anyway, nice job, and happy holidays everyone
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    Quote Originally Posted by endeavor View Post
    In order for you to still have those emails then you had to of... well it's complicated to type it all out.
    It's unlikely if you created multi-folders within your incoming WinMail folder that they would have stayed in order within the same folder structure.
    That wasn't a problem for me. I've never had folders within folders in my Local Folders.
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    windows 10

    I have successfully followed all of these steps and now have windows mail working on my computer, thank you. I do have a question though if I may - is there anyway to make it look clearer, the font seems bold and blurry if that makes sense, when I ran this on windows 7 it was really clear. thank you in advance.
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    Glad you have WinMail itself working Zas
    Your expressed concern doesn't seem like a WinMail issue at all though.
    No one has ever mentioned this problem either fwiw.
    The problem lies elsewhere I imagine.
    Are the font's bold & blurry in notepad or other GUI's?
    You have the right video card drivers installed right, etc...?
    Have not messed with system wide font settings previously, etc?
    Is this a fresh Win10 install, or something you have had right along?
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    windows 10

    Its a new computer with windows 10, I previously had windows 7 which I really liked... I have adjusted the display settings to 125% but everything is pretty clear apart from windows mail! I tried putting it back to 100% and it was a little clearer but also a lot smaller.
    I also have a driver updater and all my drivers are upto date. I wonder if it's because I used the files that were in the thread rather than collecting my own Winmail files from my other computer, but I can't see how that would make a difference really.
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