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How to use Winmail on Windows 8.

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    windows 10

    Its a new computer with windows 10, I previously had windows 7 which I really liked... I have adjusted the display settings to 125% but everything is pretty clear apart from windows mail! I tried putting it back to 100% and it was a little clearer but also a lot smaller.
    I also have a driver updater and all my drivers are upto date. I wonder if it's because I used the files that were in the thread rather than collecting my own Winmail files from my other computer, but I can't see how that would make a difference really.

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    Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 (x86/x64)

    As you can see by my screenshots on page 1 of Windows 10 and WinMail, the fonts of email renders look normal, and are fine.

    I can say with certainly that on a Windows 10 default install, and a WinMail default re-activation of itself - and everything left in its default settings, that the font renderings are normal looking.

    The files I uploaded on page 1 are the ones I use.
    If you had a working WinMail on Windows 7 then you can use yours if you want, actually they pretty much should hash check the same, although yes there are slight Vista file version variations of the WinMail programs folder files that could work depending on your Vista update process at the time you copied your WinMail programs files out of it, but none of those would affect font renderings, as long as you stayed true to the entire process throughout your WinMail history and transfer of its files.
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    windows 10

    Thank you for the reply, Actually it stopped working, the shortcut disappeared from my desktop! I went through all of the steps again and the same thing happened. Although I love windows mail I am going to look for an alternative, but thank you so much for your help anyway.
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    Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 (x86/x64)

    You're welcome Zas, and I hope you have very good holidays.

    fwiw, the only way that the shortcut or the programs exe would disappear is if you do not have your folder options settings to show system files and un-hide extensions since the WinMail.exe has the HSA attributes, all of which was covered in the beginning posts if you're able to understand their intentions technically. However rather than explaining all those details, if you had followed the instructions exactly you would not have any problems at all. There are no font problems with WinMail's fonts and is surly something you have done erroneously.
    If you are more comfortable with moving on to a supported Mail Client then I recommend wholeheartedly that you do that please, and to anyone else, since the procedure to reinstate WinMail is for medium to advanced computer users, but at that the procedure is simple yet requires understanding and close attention to known computer related details.
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    windows 10

    I did actually follow all of the instructions exactly as they were written and I did it not once but twice. Each time it worked for a little while and then the icon disappeared from my desk top.
    I am pretty savvy when it comes to this stuff, not an expert by any means but I can follow instructions and I did. I don't know what happened, and I am not going to worry about it,
    I would, as I said, prefer to use windows mail but I have found a reasonable alternative called OE Classic. It is a simple and straightforward layout, and they have amazing technical support and are working on bringing in more features to make it more like the old Outlook Express and of course more like our friend Windows Mail.
    So thanks again for your help, and for anyone else who may have issues with re-installing windows mail, check out OE Classic.
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    Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 (x86/x64)

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnErbes View Post
    By following the instructions in post #1, it looks like I was able to (almost) get WinMail going on Win 10.

    My problem, at this point, is that when I launch WinMail, I get this error message:

    Click image for larger version


    Any ideas?
    John, going back to your post
    ...I know you had already solved this John without ever realizing what you did to fix it, but another user came across this problem as well and I quickly realized and could see that can only happen when one tries to work with the WinMail folder in the ''Program Files (x86)'' group - and that's when if you try and start it from there you will get that same prompt.

    The answer was/is when working with WinMail on x64 bit versions of Windows (same as x86) always only work with the WinMail in the ''Program Files'' folder only, and you do not touch the ''Program Folder (x86)'' group.
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    I've tried going through all of the posts to find an answer on setting Windows Mail as the default client in Windows 8. I downloaded a registry import file from the Windows 7 that allows Windows Mail to be set as the default, but what I cannot seem to do is set up the MAILTO protocol to launch Windows Mail. This way I can send a message from another app. However, Windows Mail shows up as selection for defaults.

    Click image for larger version
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    Quote Originally Posted by endeavor View Post
    Just for fun I installed WinMail on Win8 this afternoon (May, 2012) to play a little...
    I was surprised to see that MS must have intended to use WinMail on 8 since for whatever reason 8 comes stock with the same 'Program Files/Windows Mail' folder as it was on 7, just like Vista has where of course WinMail works as is. On 7 & 8 successively MS had built even newer version WinMail files too, but upon each OS's release WinMail was not activated and so all by themselves the files would not start WinMail until retro modifications were made, similar to what we did on 7. I suspect it's very possible they use these files for their current built-in Mail client and is why they keep updating them - but I've not confirmed that yet; I've not tried the new built-in mail client yet either.

    Doing a little work on 8, transferring files from 7 and a few other things although not exactly like it's listed in posts above, iow, I did not need to regsvr the msidcrl30.dll (gave me a dllregisterserver error when I did) ...but anyway it worked without regsvr. You do not need a specific version of msidcrl30.dll like it says above, since I tried many different versions and they all work, but might as well just use the current msidcrl30.dll out of 7 as it is today, since WinMail works very well with it there and so just copy it from your /System32 folder from 7 over to 8. Keep in mind of course what OS you're using whether x86 or x64 since you cannot mix or substitute files from one into the other.

    Now when I went to delete the existing 'Program Files/Windows Mail' folder with the necessary permissions, at first I started typing the cmd's out but was a p.i.t.a, and so instead I used our forums administrator Brink who created This neat little 'Add_Take_Ownership.reg' to do it quicker, with benefits. After using that, then right click on the Windows Mail folder, Take Ownership, and then deleted the folder. Then copied my existing 'working' Windows 7 (or Vista) Windows Mail folder over to Windows 8. (I have my own so didn't need to use the Windows Mail folder attached to the first post) Next I merged WinMailEdit.reg (which as of June, 2015 now supplied at the bottom of this post) This registry file is nearly identical (minus SxS keys) to the WinMailEdit.reg offered over on the WinMail on Windows 7 thread for its benefits which makes WinMail more accurate for all the reasons that have been discussed over the years within the WinMail on 7 thread. The same process applies to Windows 8 or Windows 10.

    Note: The first thing you should do after you first setup WinMail and get it Working - is then make a copy of your 'Windows Mail' folder and save it just for these reasons below:
    ~If you update from Windows 8 to 8.1, or any version of 10, as well with many major MS updates that come along, they Will stop WinMail from working by overwriting many of the WM programs folder files, but no problem, just replace the Windows Mail folder again with your working one to bring it back working.
    ~Also! ..if you run SFC /SCANNOW it Will Break WinMail's operation each time you run it, no matter if you are on Windows 8 or Windows 10 - it will replace Many of the files within your Windows Mail folder. The way to fix it is very easy though, once again copy/paste your saved 'working' 'Windows Mail' folder replacing the one that's there. (you'll first have to take ownership of it again if needed, as already described)
    Anytime any new MS Windows Updates or SFC /SCANNOW ..breaks WinMail can fix it simply by Taking Ownership of the Windows Mail folder again (needed when having done major updates/upgrades) and replacing the current Windows Mail folder with your saved 'working' backup one.
    The above paragraphs are just a previous time-line & informational conversation, etc..

    Updated 2015
    Advanced users can just start here:
    How to install WinMail to Windows 8 or 10

    (...first be sure in Folder Options these settings are set as shown in my screenshot Here)
    1. install Brinks Take Ownership.reg Here (is what I use, but see there's also Win8 & Win10 versions too)
    2. Then right click on your "Program Files/Windows Mail" folder* and click Take Ownership.
    * "Program Files/Windows Mail" folder only! ..x64 users don't touch the ''Programs Folder (x86)'' listing!
    * Also remember if your OS is x86 or x64 you cannot mix/substitute files from one into the other!
    3. Then right click on your "Program Files/Windows Mail" folder, and Delete it.
    4. Then copy/paste your saved 'working' Windows 7 (or Vista) 'Windows Mail' folder to Windows 8/10 same.
    5. Create a shortcut from the program folder 'WinMail.exe' file you just copied - to the Desktop.
    6. copy/paste your Windows 7 * ''C:\Windows\System32\msidcrl30.dll'' file over to Windows 8/10 same.
    7. Download the WinMailEdit.reg (supplied at the bottom of this post) ..and merge it (is for both x86 or x64)
    ~ Then you are done..
    ~ Start WinMail and she opens immediately..
    ...from here you setup the Windows Mail client as normal...

    Anyway, within minutes I had WinMail start up instantly in each of these OS's below.
    Here's the first run screenshots back on Win 8 beta CP, to Win 8.1, to all Windows 10 versions so far.
    Screenshots of WinMail on Win8 CP to Win 8.1 Pro & Win10 build 9841, 10041, 10162, 10240, 10586

    , and truthfully I agree with the warning article written at the WinMail on 7 thread, Please Read it!
    Basically using WinMail on 7, let alone using it on Windows 8 or especially Windows 10 - is Not Supported! ..and if used is a special per-user decision who Understands Completely what the article is saying!
    ..reactivating WinMail is for die-hard WinMail or expert users only! ...otherwise please move onward to more supported email clients! ...having said that, if you totally do get it, and can put up with the minor bugs, and importantly have the Technical Ability to make the changes, have backups of everything including your OS, and to be your own tech support for WinMail going forward - if you can do that, then like so many of us enjoy and much prefer using WinMail on Windows 7, 8, or 10 ..ymmv

    WinMail Bug List which affects using WinMail in Windows 7, 8, or 10, and Most likely will never be fixed.

    ~As of September 5, 2015 because of requests I've now supplied all necessary files needed for the WinMail transition available all in one place - attached at the bottom of this post. I'd much prefer each person getting use to using their own saved working x86 or x64 Windows Mail program folder, and x86 or x64 msidcrl30.dll, however I realize sometimes people change from x86 to x64 OS's, or lose their own copies - and so these attachments below are now all here in one place for your convenience.

    ..and for heaven's sake, if this information has helped you, please don't forget to 'log-in' to then be able see and then click the little 'hand-thumbs-up' icon on the bottom left of the post that helped you, this gives recognition to the poster and shows your appreciation for the work that's been done which has been a lot! I see it, and it is always greatly appreciated!
    How did I ever miss this post? Thank you. It's working completely now! WooHoo!
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    Now is there a way to allow the Compact Database function to work again (on every 100 shutdowns for example)?
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    Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 (x86/x64)

    Quote Originally Posted by Jody Thornton View Post
    How did I ever miss this post? Thank you. It's working completely now! WooHoo!
    I don't know how you did not see it because it's linked all over the place!

    Your problem was you had not merged the registry file given which within it automatically sets WinMail as the default client and the setting up of the MAILTO protocol.

    I'm glad you got it working again Jody, good job; ...and btw you do know how to use the rep button right
    Thank you for your support!

    Now about the Compact button on x64, funny you should mention that, as I've just run across that the other day in this post Here ..and see the very bottom of my post there for the link.
    I've also updated Compact issues on the WinMail Bug List

    I had always had my Win7 x86 WinMail set at 100 since that's really where it should be, and as I said there is absolutely no advantage of doing it any sooner. I will work on it when I get a chance and determine if it's just a x64 bit issue or if it exists in Win8/Win10 x86 too. Win7 x86 you can set it at whatever number you want and it works. fwiw x64 has proven to be more problematic than x86 in that Advanced Options area as you can see by looking at the WinMail bugs list. However it's an extremely minor problem comparatively, which will most likely end up getting added into the linked WinMail bugs list. imho, if in the end that every 6 months one has to manually click to Compact - then so be it. We're lucky WinMail still works as good as it does.

    You know instead of quoting that whole post above since it does not contain the attachments and importantly I'm continually updating it, you could of just cleanly linked to the WinMail post like this:

    Instructions on how to reinstate WinMail on Windows 8 or 10
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