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How to use Winmail on Windows 8.

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    Hi Guys,

    I have just bought a new laptop with Windows 8.1 installed and have been trying to install Windows Mail from my old laptop (which has Vista installed).

    I have followed your instructions (I think) and managed to delete the Windows Mail programme in 8.1.

    I have copied the msidcrl30.dll into windows/system32.

    I have also copied the Windows Mail folder/programme from Vista and pasted it into the programs file on my 8.1 laptop.

    I can see all the files there but I can't get Windows Mail to open up.

    There is a WinMail folder in the programme list. I assumed this was the folder to open WinMail but when I clicked on it all I got was the cursor circle going round and around for an hour!

    I am just about to pull what little hair I still have left out in frustration.

    I think I'm doing everything correctly but I'm the first to admit I'm no expert.

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you (anticipation).


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    You MUST use "Take Ownership" if you just Cut & Copy then it will not work.

    1) You need to install take ownership and use it for all of the following:-
    2) Delete the existing Windows Mail files located in Program Files (I deleted both the 32 & 64 bit)
    3) Copy the New windows Mail files (ex Vista) to Program Files (I copied both the 32 & 64 bit even though I only use the 32 bit)
    4) Copy the dll file to System 32 folder located in the Windows Folder

    Remember to use take ownership for all of the above
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Markham View Post
    Hi Guys,
    Hello Paul,
    First of all Welcome to the EightForums, I see this is your first post.

    I saw your post on the SevenForums WinMail thread. As I had said there, realize please that modifying WinMail to work on Windows 8 is really for Advanced users, and of course not supported in any way by Microsoft, and because of that you may want to consider moving on to a supported email client. I'm not trying to dissuade you from trying WinMail on 8, but just want to protect your expectations of what it means to install it, and understand its limitations going forward. Having said all that, for someone who is more familiar and experienced with computers, enabling WinMail on Win7 or Win8 is really a 5 minute task with just a few clicks of the keyboard and mouse - but if you are new to computers then it may seem like the impossible.

    As Syd said there is little more to it than a simple copy and paste of files. I see you mentioned in the other forum you are running Win8 64 bit, so just be sure the all the files you copied from are Also from a 64bit OS as well, and, with 64bit OS's that you are putting them in the correct Programs folder, and not the (x86) folder.

    There is no one place that has all the precise instructions together on how to do it on Windows 8 though, but read posts 1 through 10 at the beginning of this thread to get a feel for it:
    How to use Winmail on Windows 8.
    (If you think it's too hard, then please do yourself a favor and move on to a supported email client where Many more people can help you set it up)
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    Hi Syd and 'Endeavour',

    Thank you for your help but I still haven't managed to get Windows Mail working on my new laptop with 8.1.

    I 'took ownership' of the all the files in Windows Mail in Vista and them copied them into 'Programs' in Windows 8.1.

    I then 'took ownership' again in Windows 8.1.

    I then did a shortcut to both the 'start page' the 'desktop'.

    When I clicked the shorcut button, it opened the Windows Mail folder and showed all the files in it.

    I then clicked on the WinMail folder and the cursor on my laptop then whirled round and around and the sytem became unstable. I had to re-start my laptop to stop the 'whirling' cursor.

    The files I copied across from Vista are:-


    Also, my Vista Windows Mail was 32 bit (whatever that it) whereas my new laptop is 64 bit.

    I wonder if that is where the problem lies?

    I have learned a lot by trying to do this myself but it is frustrating when I read how other members have been able to do thso so easily.

    If I can possibly 'beat' this problem myself I would like to if at all possible.

    If I can't I'll just have to use the inferior (in my humble opinion) version of 'Mail' in 8.1.

    I have a lot of contacts in my Windows Mail and I can't copy them across to this new version of Mail.

    Also, I much prefer to be able to store my e-mails whereas this new version of 'Mail' seems to drop e-mails off the system after a while.

    Once again guys, thank you for all your help. If you can think of anything else I would appreciate it. I hate to be beaten by this blimmin' machine!!!!

    Many thanks.

    Kind regards,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Markham View Post
    Also, my Vista Windows Mail was 32 bit (whatever that is) whereas my new laptop is 64 bit.
    (by the way, greetings to New Zealand)

    That's what I thought and why I brought it up Paul, I had a feeling. No! absolutely you can not copy your 32 bit programs folder files over into a 64 bit program files folder and expect it to work, and is one of your problems. This is why I say it's more for experienced users where these little things are a known quantity, but new computer users aren't expected to understand that and don't. I'm not trying to make you feel bad I'm just trying to be real. I do appreciate your position though and your tenacity of wanting to do this.

    Also realize that using WinMail on Windows7 or Windows 8 you won't be able to use (for one thing) your Spam Filter function anymore, and there are a few other minor functions on WinMail that of course work in your Vista setup that will never work in Win7/8 either, and is why I said using WinMail on 7 or 8 has known, but minor limitations.

    I do Totally understand you saying you want to use WinMail Paul, and for all the reasons you mentioned and more...I agree, but you need to be able to learn how to make this change over.

    Paul, on Post #1 of this thread is a zip file you need to download, and inside it has the very 64 bit files you need to get your WinMail working, and so download it, and delete 'All' each and every one of the 32 bit files you've already placed in your programs & system32 folder, and then copy the correct 64 bit ones in their place. (yes there are a few extra files that you copied from your original 32 bit programs folder as compared to what post #1 gives but don't worry about that, again first delete 'All' of the 32 bit ones you've put in already, and then copy the new 64 bit ones in their place. (the difference of the few extra program files you had is just the Spam filter, etc, files that would not work anyway)

    Most all the information you need to know is between Post #1 and #10 in this thread

    edit, ps..
    I see that first post has a .zip file, but when you unzip it you'll see the one System32 folder file you need, but then he has (for whatever reason) the programs folder files compressed as .rar, hopefully you realize your zip program will also need to be able to un-rar those to get to the rest of the files you need. I wish you success.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NiFu View Post
    I think you don't read my post exactly:
    Read exact - where do you read "delete" or "replace" in the following ???

    • Rename "Windows Mail" to "Windows Mail 8" (for not to need take ownership)
    • Create new "Windows Mail" folder (so all registry references still being correct)
    • Copy content of "Windows Mail" folder from Vista (or a working version from Windows 7) into new created "Windows Mail" folder
    • Copy "msidcrl30.dll" into "Windows Mail" folder (from Windows 7 or the above attachment)
    • Run "Windows Mail"
    Thank you Nifu! It works great for me.
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    A Brazilian contribution, WindowsMail running in Win8 with just one click
    How to use Winmail on Windows 8. Attached Files
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    I have it working wonderfully - thanks for the comprehensive tutorials.

    One thing that is hard to find answers to (someone even asked) was how to force Windows Mail to be registered as the default mail handler. I can get it listed and selectable in "Default Programs", but it will not associate with "mailto:" links.

    Any takers?

    Also should I refer somewhere else for Windows Calendar, or keep it in this thread?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jody Thornton View Post
    I have it working wonderfully - thanks for the comprehensive tutorials.

    One thing that is hard to find answers to (someone even asked) was how to force Windows Mail to be registered as the default mail handler. I can get it listed and selectable in "Default Programs", but it will not associate with "mailto:" links.

    Any takers?

    Also should I refer somewhere else for Windows Calendar, or keep it in this thread?
    Hi Jody, did you run the tutorial from Windows 7 that I mentioned back in my post #10 here in this thread?
    There is an entry in the WinMailEdit.reg when you run it that makes WinMail the Default Mail Client if that's what you mean, so you must not of run it yet?
    It's only a line or two of registry entry for that particular issue, and I could detail it if necessary, but advantages of running the tutorial and getting its WinMailEdit.reg merged is best imho.
    Thinking about it if you mean by mailto: links the ones for instance when you have a jpg image open in Windows Photo Viewer and you click its 'email to' option - then no that does not work in Windows 8 for me either; same thing when I use "SendTo" from my context menu I see that does not work either... actually I've never investigated that function yet since I always manually attach things to an email so never noticed that. I see it works in Windows 7 fine. It may be able to be reinstated I've never fully investigated it yet, but as with the other things that do not work in Windows 7/8 like the Spam function, etc, those minor things are a known, and these others are easy to get around as I said by just manually attaching or opening WinMail.

    As far as Calendar it would be the same as it was in Windows 7, I know Ex_Brit in this thread Post #43 uses it. (I've never had a need for it myself so have never re-instated it)
    You can find the information how to do it here:
    Windows Calendar - Import into Windows 7 - Windows 7 Help Forums
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    Just a tidbit to mention about our loved WinMail program, I find it very interesting when installing and testing the new Windows 10 Technical Preview today, that the WinMail folder...just like it was in Windows 7 & Windows 8, is in Windows 10 too! ...and so of course I decided to install WinMail the same way as I did in Windows 8 into Windows 10, and sure enough it works! you can see by my first opening of WinMail on Windows 10 my screenshot of it Here

    You can read how to do it back in my post #10 in the beginning of this thread if you want, of which you do the same thing as you did in Windows 8 for Windows 10 to get WinMail going.

    I find it interesting is all that MS puts the WinMail program folders on Windows 10 too, but I'm glad!

    Long Live Windows Mail !
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