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Google Chrome Won't Open

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    Google Chrome Won't Open

    Google Chrome opens fine when I've just started it. If I close it accidentally or forgot something and have to reopen it after I close it, it will not open. It's almost as if it isn't closing properly but when I check task manager it does not show it running. I have to wait 20 - 30 min. to open it again. I've reinstalled and it still does this. I've tried to find tech support for a free product on Google Chrome sites, but they only support free the products you purchase. This is my favorite browser, can anyone help?

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    Windows 8 Pro x64 With Media Center/Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x86 >>Dual Boot<<

    mine is working very good,i installed offline standalone installer from this website for all users of this computer >>
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    I don't use Chrome but I guess there's still a process linked with Chrome which is closing.

    When it happens again, open task manager, click on more details and click on each process with an arrow on the right (click on the arrow). One or more chrome processes can be hidden there.

    Anyway the solution might be to delete the temporary files, they might have added up and contribute to this slowdown.
    Make sure Chrome is closed then Press the Start Button + R. Then type %appdata%.
    Browse though these folders : Local / Google / Chrome / User Data
    If there are any files with the .tmp extension, feel free to delete them.
    Enter the Default folder.
    Delete any .tmp file again.
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    Yes,,, I clicked details on Task Manager and Google was running! I clicked to stop it and it opens. But why is it hanging up? Doesn't CCleaner remove temp files? I use that.
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    In Task Manager Google Chrome 32 is hanging up. I unchecked in settings for it to stop running in background... but it still hangs up. I can get no help at all from Google. Darn them for having the best browser without any support.
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    Lucky, mine wont stay open. Like it or not, looks like I am going to have to revert to Firefox and its spyware.
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    Some one on the Google Chrome forum told me to go the settings, then advanced settings, and remove the check next to Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed

    I did this and it worked for a while, but it's still is refusing to close sometimes. I just wish Google had so tech help.
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    google - tech help - get real!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by elbmek View Post
    google - tech help - get real!!!!!
    Yeh, how silly of me. I guess if you buy some
    thing you can get help but not on the free stuff. There is a forum and that's all.

    Have you tried Opera? It isn't bad.
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    Gone back to FF, better than IE and defo better than Chrome (at present). Cant remember what was wrong with Opera, but it didnt last long.
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Google Chrome Won't Open
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