I like Chrome best too which is why I am trying to fix it. But I do Control/Alt/Del and I close it manually and I can use it. So I go to that trouble which is worth it. I use Chrome mostly for games as it works best for them.

I use IE, the newest version is very good and it also has safe surfing features. Version 11.0.9600.16476

When I played Farmville with Opera I could not receive any gifts, the button to receive them was not there. Very strange. Other than that it was good for games.

I use Firefox for Facebook. I don't do much other than scroll the feeds and do a few "likes". I have two FB accounts. One for my friends and family and one for my gaming friends. If I use FF for one and Chrome for the other I can stay logged in on both and don't need to constantly log in and out.

I know, I know TMI