I just purchased an asus transformer book t100. Windows 8 is taking some getting used to over windows 7 for sure but im liking it so far. My main reason for buying this is because I travel weekly for work and I need something for putting payroll in for work and light web browsing. So everything was great until I tried to put in payroll and the website wouldn't finish loading. Ive updated everything, latest version of java and set my security settings as the website recommends to and still when its loading up the java app it says it cant connect to the server. My old laptop running windows 7 and ie 9 loads it with no problems. I tried doing compatibility mode set to IE9 but no luck there because the payroll site pops up in 2 new windows and the java app and I don't know how to make pop ups load in compatibility mode. I tried another windows 8 laptop and it was the same issue with it so maybe its a windows 8 issue? Does anyone have any suggestions for this? By the way I did try the work tech support and they are next to impossible to get in contact with this time of year. Thanks for the help.