Hello everyone,

I recently moved from 8.0 to 8.1. I ran 8.1 fine since release. A few days ago when i downloaded all the latest hotfixes/etc through windows update I've had numerous weird problems since that reboot.

This is one that has really frustrated me. Whenever i open IE 11, it'll try to download the page and display it locally. What i mean by this is for example, if i navigate to www.coolsite.com, IE will try to download coolsite.html, then open it from c:\tempfolder. It will then display this local page in IE 11 and whatever elements it was able to pull down.

However, firefox (which is set to my default browser) works fine. Networking is fine. I run ESET nod32, and i've run several anti-malware applications and all give me a clean bill of health besides the occasional tracking cookie that i delete. Memtest tests fine, SFC and chkdsk report back fine.

The issue with this is that i have several programs that use whatever IE/HTML pages to display information it pulls down from a website and to process logins in the program, rendering these programs useless as i try to use them it pulls the pages down and opens them temp from the HDD - so i can't log in at all.

I've tried to reset IE to default (i can still access the cpl), remove it from windows features and then reactivate it, enable soft rendering, disable protected mode, set .html to open with IE in cp, disable add ons, and no luck. Despite my above belief that this program calls on IE/windows libaries, when i set html to open with firefox the local copies then open in firefox -firefox continues to run fine otherwise.

Any help is greatly appreciated.