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Trouble with some websites

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    Trouble with some websites

    Hey all,

    Have a really strange thing going on here. Running windows 8.1. Did not have this issue when running 8 - though I can't say for certain it was the upgrade in and of itself that caused this.

    I am having trouble accessing some webpages (or web stuff/services in general). Seems somewhat random. Some pages just do not display or they take a very long time to load. Sometimes if I refresh the page while it is trying to load then, according to the progress bar on the firefox tab, it gets to about 3/4 loaded, but the page does not actually display, just the progress bar is at 3/4 and the tab shows the page's name..

    Other times a refresh will cause the page to load (though slowly), but the page never seems to fully load - firefox tab shows 'loading' animation.

    Same with rdio software, very slow and sometimes doesn't display properly at all. The rdio website is also an issue in that the album art does not load or it does so very slowly.

    I am also having trouble get to my router admin page. The login window comes up, but after logging in, same thing, just tries to load but a blank page.

    All of this happens in firefox, IE and Chrome.

    I also have issues with my Cisco Connect software - in that it takes a long time (if at all) for it to connect to my router.

    At first I thought it was something to do with my router, but on my other win 8.1 machine loads the problem pages fine and I can get into my router admin fine as well. My ipads can access the problem pages as well with no problem.

    I have the same antivirus and anti spam software running on both win 8.1 machines. Regardless. I've tried disabling everything including windows firewall to no avail. Both machines are connected via Ethernet.

    It is just so weird and inconsistent it that many/most pages seem to load fine. But it happens often enough to be quite annoying. And it is consistently the same pages that cause issues.

    I honestly have no idea what I can look at. Am hoping someone here may have some thoughts?

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    Windows 8.1 (x64)

    Is there something consistent in the guilty pages ? Use of flash or any other plugin, are they on secure pages (https), maybe some other port than regular http ?

    This could be a plugin problem, try visiting them with plugins disabled, but I somehow doubt your router admin page uses them...

    Open a Command Prompt as administrator (File Explorer/Menu File/Command Prompt)
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    Hi. I will try that when I get home today. I doubt it is a plugin issue as it happens with Firefox, Chrome and IE. But who knows.

    There is nothing consistent that I can tell between the pages that do not work.
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Trouble with some websites
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