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Where is Internet explorer

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    Where is Internet explorer

    I have installed 8.1 and I thought everything was going fine. I use IE11 always from the desktop. Today when I was on a web site the display portion of IE11 went blank. I tried to start it again and the frame shows but nothing in the display. I cannot get to any site.

    I rebooted the system and there was not change.

    I tried to do Internet explorer from the tile screen and it works (if you can call the format working).. I spent a couple of hours trying to find my way around the display and gave up. Couldn't get to locations, couldn't find my favorites and a host of other problems.

    Can anyone provide me with any assistance as to why the internet explorer does not display any pages when using internet explorer from the desktop?

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    You could try removing it & replacing it.

    Windows Features - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

    Click image for larger version
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    For some reason i can no longer get connected to the internet via IE11. When I click on the shortcut I have always used I get the IE form displayed with all bookmarks Tags etc but it does not connect to the internet. The normal display area is just all white.

    I can access the internet via email and can down load files such as Windows 8.1 updates Itunes and other files but not by using Internet Explorer. I went to the Modify features page in Window 8.1 deleted IE11 and then added it again. Still get the same results.

    I downloaded Chrome but really don't want to use this. I can also access the intenet from the Windows metro screen using IE11.

    Any thought as to what is happening would be appreciated.
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    Random thoughts.

    Use the Windows Troubleshooter for Internet connections Reset IE11 to see if it makes a difference.

    Check the Dell website for info on drivers required for 8.1 and other upgrade info. Also, check your event viewer for possible errors.
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    I have been using IE11 for over a month with Windows 8 and 8.1. It suddendly lost the connection while I was on the internet.

    I have used the Windows app to deactivate it and then I use it to reactivate it but it still doesn't work.
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    Hi there
    In the applications simply search on IE

    Then PIN to TASKBAR

    This will pin the DESKTOP version to your taskbar.

    If you want it on the DESKTOP as an ICON then right mouse click on the IE icon on the taskbar and choose properties==>open file location and then again right mouse click and SEND TO DESKTOP. It's a bit convoluted but it works.

    In Desktop mode now disable enhanced security and try checking a site in compatibility mode.

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Where is Internet explorer
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