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    For some reason only shows my email inbox. There is no inbox for Gmail. I checked my aliases and they are both listed. Outlook 2013 shows all my inboxes. My Lumia phone shows all my inboxes.

    How do I add a Gmail inbox to

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    I re-added my Gmail account as a send and receive account and used a Google application-specific password and got this:

    "We're sorry, but there was a problem creating your account. We've tried to save your settings, but if you don't see your account on the set-up page, you may need to choose "Add an email account" and start over."
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    Hmm, something is happening. My inbox is filling with mail from 2008. Maybe I'll check it again in the morning.
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    Now instead of no Gmail folders I have two Gmail folders. One had ancient email, the other has new email. Weird.
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    Hi there. Is this concerning the Modern/Metro Mail app?
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    Actually, it's My Mail app now has two Gmail folders. doesn't have any Gmail folders, but at least now I am getting some emails in my Inbox.
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    Yes, I know the wouldn't show Gmail folders and I don't think it's possible to set it up that way. Not sure.

    In the mail app > You have one Gmail account but two folders? If so, one showing older mail and one showing new? I have a Gmail account in my app, but was online yesterday checking things out. I noticed they revamped the site. Not sure when, though. Haven't been on there in quite a while. Perhaps there's a date separation, that's why the two folders?

    Lol! Mail from 2008?!

    Are you getting your Hotmail/Live mail via your Mail app or just online?
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    I seem to be getting email everywhere now since removing and re-adding Gmail as a send/receive address. I got a bunch of duplicates on my phone and a bunch of old stuff; 48 of them, actually. After work I'll send some test emails and see what's going on. I now have it setup for all my email to go to the main inbox, so we'll see.
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    Ok. Good luck.
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    It’s a little slow at work so I decided to look things over and put my thinking cap on.

    I think the problem is that my Gmail address is also my Windows Live login. What I just basically asked Outlook to do is go out and find more emails. Apparently it decided I was missing all the emails in my Gmail archive. I ended up with over 6000 emails over time and duplicates of a lot of the newer ones.

    I have now removed the second Gmail send/receive account and set my Gmail/Live account as the primary alias.

    In the beginning, I should have kept my Live and Google logins separate; it would have made life easier.
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