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    I just got 8.1 yesterday and for some reason, maybe because I'm a gluttan for punishment, I'm playing with modern IE 11, which is notorious for not liking keyboard users. The good thing is that YouTube loads fast unlike the way it does from my shortcut I put on the desktop. The thing that is annoying is that if you're watching a video and you press control plus tab to get to your other tabs, after a few seconds your vid gets paused until you hit ctrl + tab again to go back to it. Is there any way to stop that and just let it play? I appreciate how it stopped when I went into the system tray to turn the volume down because I was able to hear Jaws but I don't like that when I'm doing something else online such as reading a messageboard.

    Also, on the desktop version of IE, how the hek do you get to settings on the menu bar? I was trying to enable another tracking protection list so I don't have to watch those really long ads on YouTube, and when I pressed the menu bar to get to settings as it said in the instructions on Microsoft's web site, it just wasn't there, at least where Jaws could see. Thanks for your help, and I hope I was clear.

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    Hello arctobear.

    The easiest answer when running multimedia with the metro IE is to select View on the Desktop to continue to run an active video in the background while accessing metro app lists or the start screen.
    Metro multimedia apps can be snapped to continue running without autopause while accessing the desktop.
    Win + D

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version

    Snap Views of Apps - How to Use

    The autopause occurs because if you go to all apps or the start screen,
    one cannot see the video.

    Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcut Keys List

    WIN + Z is useful when using the metro IE.

    If the edge UI is disabled, then part of the UI is disabled and limits quick access.
    Alt + Tab works well.

    One can run a snapped video while accessing the metro IE side by side.

    Click image for larger version

    As far as the desktop IE, settings can be accessed from Tools > Internet Options ...
    or Alt + X, or click on the GEAR button, top right > select Internet Options > Settings
    A tracking protection addon is available from the Tools pull down menu as well.
    You can right click on the top window frame to enable the menu bar.

    Hope this helps.
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Ie 11
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