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Can't click on browser pop-up

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    Can't click on browser pop-up

    Hello, I just recently bought my laptop pre-installed with Windows 8. It was kinda tricky for me to use at first but I got quite used to it after several times. Had no problems with is so far besides the annoying hidden background downloads even when idle but I've managed to solve that. But my problem now is this,

    I can't click on the pop-up in my web browser. I'm using Mozilla Firefox for my web browsing and I can't seem to click on some of the pop-ups. I find it weird because I've installed the latest Java and updated my Flash Player. Example of what I can't click is this:

    I just can't click the Login with Facebook and I've found that out with some other websites that have similar types of pop-ups. I'm not the IT kind of person so I'm hoping if anyone's able to help me solve this, I would be very glad and thanks in advance.

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    Is this Login for a site or service external to Facebook?

    If you had said you were using IE, I would say go to "Tools" and UN-Check "Active X Filtering". Actually you should try that, I think whatever you do to IE will affect other browsers.

    At best, you can use IE to get to that popup with Activex Filtering OFF, and use IE to Log In, then you can go back to using whatever site is pulling that up from Firefox
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    Well thx for the reply, I tried it on IE and it worked. However, when I got back to Firefox the same thing still happens, can't login through that "Login with Facebook".

    And yes, it is for a site. However, I do encounter this on several other sites as well such as gaming sites, which has caused quite a trouble for me to log in.

    EDIT: I tried it on Chrome and it works too, so the problem is only on my Firefox? I dont have any Adblock installed so what seems to be the problem?
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Can't click on browser pop-up
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