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Update personal website from windows 8

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    Update personal website from windows 8

    Hi everyone. I want to update my website with a few little things. I want to try windows 8 but cannot seem to find out how to use it like I did with 7. Can anyone guide me in the right direction please. Thanks everyone.
    PS. forgot to say that I was using File Zilla but the web pages do not work when I download them to update content.
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    Please explain: I want to try windows 8 but cannot seem to find out how to use it like I did with 7?
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    What provider are you using ?

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    Hi, I ment to say that I want to use windows 8, which I have now as my operating system, to update my website files. In File zilla I could use that ok but it does not run in windows 8.
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    Filezilla is running fine on my 8.1 64-bit. What issues are you having?
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    Since, I build and maintain websites, I think I understand what you are trying to say; however, I would just like to clarify your situation:

    So, you are using Filezilla to FTP your website's pages back to your PC and then you intend to upload them after modification and/or correction. Am I right so far? However, once you have them downloaded, you can't seem to find an editor that is inherent to Windows 8; correct? IF so, the only way you'll be able to do that without a third-party application is to open the htm/html file and edit it like a text file or you can download a 3rd-party application to give you a WYSIWYG interface:

    Here is the one I use:

    KompoZer - Easy web authoring

    Click image for larger version

    Once all your edits are done, you can FTP them back to your website. Good luck and I hope this information helps you.

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    I used to use a free to use website editor but cannot find one now to work in windows 8.
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    Hi my2cents, that's what I need, something like that. I will download it and give it a try. Thanks very much for that.
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    See my previous post. I am using Kompozer on Win 8.1 and it works perfectly. What is your skill level? Can you use a WYSIWYG interface effectively or do you require a step by step wizard to make changes? What were you using on Windows 7 that worked? Please provide a bit more detail in your responses because I am also an amateur dentist and I don't want to pull the wrong tooth.
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    Have downloaded that program my2cents and will try to get to grips with it and post back. Thanks for your help. I have tried to add to rep but the comments box will not let me write in it.
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Update personal website from windows 8
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