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IE11 and flashing Windows Installer box

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    Possible solution

    Hi Montebank,

    I have found a way to stop it happening but it is not ideal.
    If you disable Protected Mode on IE it seems to work. However, this could create a browser security issue!

    Go into Internet Options via Control Panel, then to the tab security and then untick the box for "enable Protected Mode"


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    Hello Tenchy and Montebank. Welcome to Windows EightForums.

    FYI > It seems mytwocents has left us. Momentarily I hope. He was good help around here!

    Sorry that I don't have a solution to your problem. Surprisingly my upgrade to 8.1 went well, but both 8.1 and IE11 are as buggy is a flea bitten dog! So in the end that's such a good upgrade. I'm thinking of buying install media for fresh install. Seems that people are having less problems that way.

    So therefore, yes > "Leave it to Microsoft"! Never any good at upgrades. Give me a fresh install any day.

    Good luck to you two. Again, welcome.
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    Hello HippsieGypsie,

    Thanks for your moral support - agree, my2cents is a worthy forum member.

    Seems my problem has been sorted thanks to Dell Support. They were extremely helpful and took remote access to my PC to resolve the issue. Cannot thank them enough (they do not always deserve the criticism they get).

    The problem was I had MS Office Professional XP program on my PC and Dell advised this old version of Office was not compatible with 8.1. He uninstalled the program and all seems to be running well.

    I hope this may help others - check any old versions of software on your PC.

    Thank you all.

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    You're welcome. I'm glad to see you got your problem fixed. Never had one, but I've heard that Dell has a good service department.

    Thanks for the follow up on the old software. Who'd of thought? I have just one older partition program I used once a few weeks back. I'll get rid of it. After reading your update post one never knows.

    Recently I'm thinking I'm having a hardware problem not an OS problem. It didn't post BIOS or boot about a week and a half ago. Got that straightened out, although I really didn't come to a conclusion what it was.

    It was running good until I woke up from sleep yesterday. It had a constant beep as if a key was sticking, but not from the system board speaker, but from the OS system sound speaker. What?!! I couldn't get to the system graghic power button for I didn't have a mouse pointer nor did the physical button work to power it down. I had to hard reset it. It booted up and ran ok until I eventually went to open my Office Pro 2013 that said it needed to be repaired. I proceeded to do the online repair option which is new to me. It was as if it reinstalled the whole program including me having to enter the keys again.

    Lol! All's fine today, but this old Acer is getting older! I'll start with a HDD test and take it from there. I've been thinking of getting a hybrid anyway.

    Happy computing!
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    Thanks Tenchy! You are a star, I had an old version of Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 on my system. I figured that would be the likeliest culprit, uninstalled it and presto change-o it worked! I still have Visio 2003 and Project 2003 on the system though, but it seems to be working fine. The rest of my Office stuff is 365 so I should be good. Thanks for tracking that down!

    All the best...
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IE11 and flashing Windows Installer box
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