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close all tabs simultaneously for Metro IE 11 Win8.1?

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    close all tabs simultaneously for Metro IE 11 Win8.1?

    I love how Metro IE11 works now in Windows 8.1. I was using a reddit app, opened an article, and it spawn a separate window for the IE browser to read a link. Works great. But one day, when it launched the IE browser, I was hearing a video that was completely unrelated to the link. I was like, "hmm..."

    So I bring up the tabs and I had like 50 tabs open! When I close the IE browser that spawns from reddit or from a newsreader like News Bento, I just drag the app to the bottom of the screen to put away IE. That didn't terminate the tabs. So it was tedious to close each tab independently.

    is there a way to close all tabs immediately?

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    Is this a special case scenario because I just set my Tabs Options to default settings and when I opened multiple tabs during the next browsing session, I received this message when attempting to close the browser normally:

    Click image for larger version

    So I checked off "always close all Tabs" and the next time I opened a multi-tabbed browsing session they all closed on exit without any warning.

    Internet Explorer - "Always close all tabs" Warning - Turn On or Off - Windows 7 Help Forums

    Here is how my Tabs Options are set right now:

    Click image for larger version

    Sorry if I misunderstood your primary intent. Good luck.
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    As far I can see it is not related only to Metro interface: IE11 has sometimes problems closing all tabs.
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    An old post, but I got tired of all the tabs not closing when I dragged IE Metro to the bottom. Looking for a solution, I found this thread.

    I found it somewhere else. To close all tabs, it's a bit of a pain, but it works.

    As with all Windows 8 programs, when you drag IE to the bottom of the screen, it will shrink to a moderately sized window. If you immediately drag it to the bottom, it will retain all the tabs. But if you hold it there for about 2 seconds, the windows flips over and you see a blue IE symbol. If you close the app then, all your tabs will be gone the next time you open IE.

    Yes, it's a pain and I don't think you can change the default time to make it flip over. Sorta a safety net in case you didn't want to close them all. I still think that the tabs should stay if you use the red x in the upper right corner and lose all the tabs when you drag to the bottom.

    Here is a screenshot with the IE window halfway through it's closing rotation.
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close all tabs simultaneously for Metro IE 11 Win8.1?
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