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IE11 does not run in desktop mode

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    Hey folks, try restarting the computer, updating windows, and trying again. If it doesn't work, may I suggest creating your own thread? Trying to answer everyone at once may prove difficult. Good luck!

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    Enable Enhanced Protection Mode

    Go to the IE Options / Advanced and enable Enhanced Protection Mode (may also say for 64 bit) from the Control Panel not from IE itself as it's greyed out. This is the only way I can now get IE 11 to run as the Desktop version on my machine. Strangely my other half who has her own user set-up and login on the same PC does not have this problem. First started last weekend out of the blue. I also cannot reset IE to the defaults from the Advanced tab as this always comes back with the message must close all applications etc. - it just freezes. Even if I start from cold and have no applications open I get this message to close all applications. I may have to go through and make a comparison of my personal settings vs. hers to see if I can spot the difference - what a chore!
    My understanding is that the EPM should now by default be "disabled" for IE11 in Win8.1, but my experience seems to be the opposite. The only down side is that you will experience some issues with download PDF's in the browser and other quirky extensions that are not compatible with the 64bit EPM.
    OK, so now I have my normal IE back. Having several times attempted to reset IE to defaults on the Advanced tab, I did the following. Using CCleaner I disabled ALL the apps in the Startup - guess you can also use MSConfig, but CCleaner is easier to use. Then I rebooted and went back to the IE Options advanced tab and was able to run the Reset to deafaults option - ticked all the boxes and let it do the business. Another reboot and good news IE was back without having to enable EPM for 64bit in the advanced tab options. Simple matter then of re-enabling any extensions and tool bars to get IE back to your personal preferences and of course going back to re-enable your Startup apps - where did they all come from way too many to be of benefit - leave those you do not recognise in limbo land - if they are needed they will start on demand anyway! Hope this helps anyone else out there.
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    IE11, chrome, Firefox does not run in desktop mode. but all tile browser are workingClick image for larger versionClick image for larger version
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    If it wont stop opening in metro ui then download a different browser and make it default or reset default options then it may load in desktop mode.
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IE11 does not run in desktop mode
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