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GMail Issue in Windows 8.1 / IE 11

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    Hi vivi,
    Sorry you are having issue' least for me, how I got my original issue corrected was I guess you might say by accident. I was doing a 'live' chat session with a microsoft customer service rep. from this site:
    Microsoft Support
    I was talking about a different issue, and casually mentioned my IE 11/Gmail issue to the c.s. rep., I informed him of the thing's I'd tried myself to fix the issue, but didn't. He asked me if I minded that he diagnosed my computer remotely. He assured me that I would be safe, and that he could be 'TRUSTED' in doing so. He then sent me a 'link' that he instructed me to click on, so I would give approval of him working remotely..of course I agreed. I saw him looking around at various area's...all I know is the end result was my issue got FIXED !!

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    Hi David
    Thank you for the link. Will use it straight after this reply. This has been driving me up a wall.

    I would just like to share the following with you just in case it helps others:
    About an hour ago I was tweeting with @MicrosoftHelps and sending them some screen shots. They advised me to disable all add ons on my browser [IE 11] . Which I did. (I did not mind disabling all add ons on IE as I never use IE and never use the Bing to search)

    Then I Un Installed the old instance of Google using Revo Uninstaller [In advanced mode] ran CC Cleaner. Restarted.

    Got back to IE 11, no options. And Bingo was able to d/w and install both chrome and Fire Fox (just in case!).

    Logged in to Google on Chrome. Now here lies a smallish problem- I was still getting a error on chrome! I remembered what @MicrosoftHelps told be about add on s in the first place. So I applied the same logic to Chrome and deleted all extensions and Apps leaving Search and Gmail. Viola ....Seems to be running perfectly for the last 1 hour!

    I wonder if the issue is lies buried in the compatibility of Add Ons/ Extensions in the Google / Mozilla environment with Windows 8.1 ?

    Having said that, I do believe that Microsoft needs to compensate people like us for all the hard work we are doing for them !! Getting answers to their buggy ill thought out OS/ Browser. The problem is multidimensional, for example I bought a new note book 10 days ago and It comes pre installed with Windows 8 / There are no options at point of sale to opt for Windows 7 unless one goes in for a DOS machine and purchase Win 7 separately . I did not know this bit about shipping with Win 8 !!

    Thank you for the reply and link.Will revert with and update.
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GMail Issue in Windows 8.1 / IE 11
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