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More IE 11 problems in Windows 8.1

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    This suppose to work too, so you don't need to look for another DNS

      • Click on the "Tools" option at the top of your Internet Explorer screen. Next, click on "Internet Options," followed by "Security Tab." In the Security Tab, click on the "Custom Level" tab located at the bottom of the screen.

      • Check the "Medium" security level drop down box once on the "Custom Level" screen. You will also need to browse through the options, find the setting "Access Data Across Domains" and put a check in that box to enable the feature. Finally choose the "Apply" option and the exist the program.

    Close and reopen your Internet Explorer browser and try to navigate to a website. You should now be able to load pages. If it is still unable to load, try restarting your computer, as some changes don't always take effect immediately upon applying them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pka4916 View Post
    This suppose to work too, so you don't need to look for another DNS...

    "Medium" security level drop down box once on the "Custom Level"...
    May be an option for some, but tried all this and more, made zero difference, instant fix here was the DNS change (with no need to go down on the IE security levels, kept all stock settings).
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    Got this to work fine now... under Comp view settings, check the 2 checkboxes..
    Now I don't have any problems anymore.
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    Same problem, different solution

    Hey- I was having the exact same problem as the OP, but couldn't find any real solutions. This thread is the closest that comes to my problem as I searched for a solution.

    A quick rehash of the problem: IE11 at launch, and when you manually type in any website offers an instant "Page cannot be displayed" message. Every other application requiring internet works fine, including firefox and chrome.

    OpenDNS, while nice, wasn't really the problem. It couldn't be for me, as one of the networks I was connecting to had its own DNS servers on a different network adapter (USB gigabit). Also, I didn't think it was the adapter specifically either, as I operate on both wifi and the usb gigabit adapter. I've done all the resetting/option checking that the MS forums suggest inside IE's internet options. I had this problem in Windows 8 since the upgrade from Windows 7. The solution that time was running a troubleshooter for Internet Explorer performance, and Internet Explorer Safety. Something clicked and stuck, and I was able to use IE again. Not only would the page not load, but also the bing/google search bar suggestions had errors (couldn't find anything) as I was typing in a test address.

    I did the 8.1 update a few months ago, and immediately the problem came back. It is now at the forefront, because I have to access an IE only site. I tried both troubleshooters again, hoping that would fix it- no dice. I was almost going to give up, but one last try- I grabbed wireshark, and took a look at the activity when IE looked for a page vs Chrome. On Chrome, the DNS search would go for a random website, but would come back as an IPv4 address. IE11's DNS request came up as an IPv6 address. My solution, which is more of a band-aid, was to go to the adapter settings for my wifi card (Intel Centrino 6205) and uncheck IPv6. Quick reboot, and I was back to google actually loading up as my homepage- everything works again. So something is wrong with IE11 and IPv6. I even switched my DNS servers from the OpenDNS servers back to obtain automatically, flushed the DNS, and it still worked.
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    you can try to lower IE encryption requirements: enable TLS 1.0, also consider disabling Enhanced Protected Mode.
    In general this is not IE fault, some web sites are using old encryption (while encryption should be upgraded).

    hope this will help
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    I am posting here because I have the same issue as the original poster with some variation of the theme.
    Allow me to begin by saying that the affected machine is alaptop with wireless connect only. I never use a hardwire so the Ethernet adapter is disabled. However, as you will see, this is irrelevant to the issue.

    As originally posted, I have found that ONLY IE 11 on this machine produces the “page cannot be displayed” error, or trouble. It is only on this machine with W8.1 and does not affect the other machine with W7Ult. The IE11 browser used is the desktop version as the app version is *** imho.
    Also, the secondary browser, FF, works just fine without anyproblems. Other programs such as media players connect without issue.
    Not only does the unresolved issue affect web pages, but I get the same error logging into the router.
    I have been through all the suggested solutions I could findbut to no avail, such as;
    · Flushing and resetting the DNS cache
    · Releasing and renewing the network adapters
    · Resetting the router to default values
    · Resetting the host file
    · Changing and removing DNS addresses in IPv4adapter properties
    · Uninstalling and reinstalling IE11
    Now for the interesting part I alluded to earlier.
    I have absolutely no issue at all with IE11 when I amconnected to a VPN. Any of you experienced that?
    This trouble with IE11 is only when connected via the LAN.

    I always use a VPN to secure the wireless connection so I cannot say when this issue began. I did however have a networking issue a while back where when I connected to the VPN, the LAN connection would drop. You could watch it in the network and sharing center where the LAN would go disconnected when the VPN connected and reverse when the VPN disconnected.
    I spent 6 hours with a MS agent doing a remote but he couldn’t figure that issue out. Somewhere along the line, after an update I think, that issue resolved itself and I do not know how.

    To recap, the “page cannot be displayed” issue in IE11 only happens when connected via LAN and NOT when connected via a VPN. It does not affect the secondary browser,only IE11, nor are any of the other machines affected by this in any way. No other programs or apps connectivity on the W8.1 machine are affected in anyway.

    Your thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated sincethe builders can’t seem to figure it out.
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    *Update* (for those interested)

    The issue resolved but not sure why.
    I went to msconfig->services and hid all Microsoft services and disabled all the rest. Restarted the computer. However the issue remained. This told me that disabling the non-ms services was not the issue so I reenabled the ones I disabled and rebooted.
    Surprisingly the issue resolved itself after the second reboot.
    Cause remains unknown except for the fact that it's IE11 and a Windows machine. lol
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