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Chrome/Mozilla SLOW!

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    Chrome/Mozilla SLOW!

    Hi guys, first of all let me apologize if my english is not that good. You see, here in Argentina our native language is spanish.

    That being said, let me tell you what brings me here. A couple of months ago I got my brand new HP all in one (not the finest computer out there, but still pretty good for me!) with Windows 8 installed. Chrome was one of my first must haves. The problem was that it worked, yeah it did, but quite slowly. Websites took their time to load. I'm not saying that it took 1 minute to load Facebook, but probably around 7 seconds.

    Yes, it is not the biggest deal, I know, but my previous computer with Windows7 worked a lot faster! My internet speed is around 12MB (checked in speedtest). I've got my HP and my older computer conected to the very same router and the browsers speed is significantly different when comparing them. So I waited till W8.1 came out, wondering if it was a software issue. But same results came with the actualization. Tried Mozilla (Fire and Waterfox), same results (even worse, loading videos in HD was something that I couldn't even think of).

    So here I am, using IE 11. I really don't know why, but it's a hell lot faster than the others, even getting 669 points in Peacekepper, while Chrome got over 950. The thing is I really miss some Chrome features, and Gmail is not fluid as fluid in IE as it was in Chrome.

    So, my older computer, with the same internet connection, with and older software, and with the same browser, is pretty much faster when it comes to loading websites, than my HP all in One with W8.1. The problem is just when it loads websites, NOT when I download stuff!

    Things already tried:
    -IP & Flush DNS
    -Reinstall Chrome
    -Check/Uncheck almost every combination in Chrome config options
    -Use Ethernet or Wi-Fi
    -Power Saver Mode: Off
    -Both Chrome App and Chrome Desktop

    Any thoughts?
    Thanks in advance, guys!

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    So here I am, using IE 11

    I have read that many users find that IE is the best browser for Win 8/8.1 but use Chrome/FF for preferred extensions/add-ons. Perhaps Chrome and FF are adjusting to Win 8/8.1 and will improve.
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    Just for the record, I have no issues with FF 24.0 and that is my browser of choice for 8.1.
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    Quote Originally Posted by my2cents View Post
    Just for the record, I have no issues with FF 24.0 and that is my browser of choice for 8.1.
    Not to be rude but, any advice?
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Chrome/Mozilla SLOW!
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