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Weird Text in Firefox

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    Weird Text in Firefox

    Hi all

    Just done a fresh install of Windows 8.1 on my Laptop and all is good, thanks to the good people here for supplying links on how to do that.
    I noticed something strange in Firefox Version 24, the text is sometimes weird looking, doesn't happen in Internet Explorer or on my PC that has Windows 8.1 update installed through the store. Firefox works fine on that. Has anybody seen this, attached is a screenshot, as you can see the line "Shatter ask social" bit looks weird.

    Click image for larger version

    Thanks in advance

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    You mean the Blue text?

    What version of FireFox is this, the Desktop Program or the Tile version, if there is one?

    This bad text rendering was a huge issue in IE 10 and 11, and on Tile Browsers.

    Have you run your Cleartype tool, try that and also "Calibrate Color" in the Control Panel/Displays area. It looks like your Blue component it too strong, if you run the colour calibration you can back that off a little bit.
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Weird Text in Firefox
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