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... that bad thing is that suspended mode still consumes RAM

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suspended apps don't actually consume RAM pe se -- they are swapped or paged out to system areas --- purists - please forgive here as there IS a difference between "swapping" and paging" but for the purposes of this thread you can consider them the same.

Now the advantage of this mode is that when you need one of these apps again it should start up again really fast since the program doesn't have to be re-loaded from the HDD and go through all its start up routines from scratch.

The suspended app will have all it's main data areas etc quickly available again by reading these from the system paging areas.

Android phones (and I suspect Iphones too) work like this -- if you had to re-load every app you needed on a phone each time from scratch the resspnse time would be horrendous.

Actually suspending apps is one of the features that improve the performance of W8 -- especially if it's smart enough to determine what apps you use regularly.

Combine this with an SSD and -- you've got a super fast machine. (Always assuming you aren't overloading the processor).