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Google Problem

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    Google Problem

    Figure this... with my chrome browser I can't get to the Google page. Google

    This webpage is not available

    Then I open IE or FF and can go right to the page. Problem being I like Chrome better and prefer it for my default browser. Is there a fix for this?

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    Try clearing the browser data of chrome...... under settings, advanced, clear browser data.
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    It can't be full... I just downloaded it yesterday. But I will do it. Nope... didn't solve the problem but...
    I clicked on the little square next to the URL and it said "my connection was not encrypted".... could that be the problem.
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    What plugins do you have if any?

    You could uninstall and then reinstall chrome....sometimes that helps.
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    Use Bing. The page loads every time.

    Sorry. Couldn't resist that one.....
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    No plugins yet. I just downloaded it Saturday morning. I'll try uninstall and reinstall. Thanks.

    As for Bing... I refuse to use it because it because I can't tell you how many times I found it installed on my computer without my knowledge. I don't deal with companies that sneak in like that. Once it took me hours to remove it. how do you uninstall something on Windows 8?
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    Lower left hot corner > right click for menu > Control panel > Programs and features.

    Or WinKey/X

    Or WinKey > Start Screen > Type "programs". I think it will come up that way.

    Bing is an MS product.
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    Thanks... got it.

    Also when my computer goes to sleep... and when I wake it up there is a faded out icon on the desktop that says:

    How do I get rid of it? I tried dragging it to the trash, but the next time it's there again.
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    That is a system .ini file. Either set folder options not to show system files (all files) or hide desktop icons.
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    How do you set folder options?

    I redownloaded Google and still can't connect to Google.
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Google Problem
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