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Google Problem

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    Folder options are in Control Panel. Uncheck "show all folders".

    Sorry. I'm an IE and Bing guy. I don't know about other browsers.

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    Why do you want to go to the Google page when you can search from your address bar ? Chrome automatically uses Google as its search engine.

    Also, from what site are you downloading Chrome ? Best to use Google site or a site like, not a popup site which advertises Chrome.
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    I downloaded it right from Google. I like to start my Internet on Google so I can search or go right to the site I want. I prefer Chrome because I play FB and Farmville and Chrome does a better job with those. IE keeps reverting back to about:blank and shutting off my Google as well. Very irritating. You spend a lot of money on a computer you should be able to chose what YOU want and not what MS wants.

    I have successfully hidden the folder. Thank you very much.
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    You're quite welcome and thank you for the rep!

    In case you're not using IE10 and if you're interested > One cannot uninstall IE10, however one can turn it off as like a lot of features in 8. If so > WinKey/X (or lower left hot corner > right click for menu) > Choose Control Panel > Programs and Features > left side, click "Turn Window features on or off" > find Windows Internet Explorer 10 > Uncheck it. You shouldn't have problems with IE10 interfering any longer.

    Is Chrome set as your default browser? If not, from what I read there should be a setting within Chrome to set as such. And/or perform it within the system > Control Panel > Default Programs > Choose "Set your default programs" > Let it populate > Chrome should appear in the list, so choose it > Choose "Set this program as default"

    That should "Put the last nail in the coffin of your problem" as they say.

    Quote Originally Posted by Barbee View Post
    IE keeps reverting back to about:blank and shutting off my Google as well. Very irritating. You spend a lot of money on a computer you should be able to chose what YOU want and not what MS wants.
    I hear you on this. There's a lot of items/apps in a lot of OSs that are on by default and/or that one cannot uninstall. e.g. On my Android phone. At least a dozen apps either by Google or my carrier Vz that has no uninstall option. I'm not familiar with iOS, but I would imagine it's the same also. Linux too. I don't think MS is alone in this. They are all promoting their products and services. All I know is that one can uninstall or turn off features in 8 and 8.1 and other Windows OSs.
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    Google Chrome is my default browser, but I still can't get the page Google to open in it. Every other page opens and Google opens in IE and FF. But I prefer Chrome. I love Chrome's features. This is a new computer and as soon as I downloaded it, I had all my old bookmarks from previous computer. I can't do this with FF or IE. In fact I couldn't even do an import with IE, it keeps saying it successfully imported, but none of my links are there. I love the functionality of Chrome.

    Since I've tried everything else, I wrote to my virus detector company Trend Micro Titanium and asked them if it could be their software interfering since I did get a message by clicking on the little square next to the google address that said the site wasn't encrypted. No answer yet.

    I don't like the way IE works but it's sitting on my desktop doesn't bother me.
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    Sorry to hear you're having the problems. Did you try the System default method I explained?
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    Google IS my default browser. I'm working with Trend Micro to turn off my virus program to see if it is blocking it. They sent me directions for another version of Windows, using Start button and Program files. Ugh.

    Did I try the default thing? Yes. Still won't work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbee View Post
    I'm working with Trend Micro to turn off my virus program to see if it is blocking it.

    Good idea, you can temp disable yourself but if you can go to Google page with IE and FF may not be the problem. You stated you have a new computer so assume Trend Micro is 30 day free trial ? Trend Micro does not have the best rep, may want to check this forum.

    System Security - Windows 8 Forums

    Not sure if prev discussed, another idea to try is to go to the Google page with IE or FF, copy and paste the URL to Chrome as your home page using Chrome settings.

    Re: your bookmarks. Chrome will export your bookmarks to IE as an html file. May want to do that as a backup. The html file will be in your Documents not Favorites, but you will have a backup.
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    Thanks for the excellent tip on exporting from Chrome.

    Checked out the forum about virus detectors and found one that likes Trend:

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    I've been using Trend Micro Pro for over 4 years and I'm sold ! Tried moving to Avast and it was a complete disaster and almost zero support. I hear good things about Kaspersky, McAfee please just run away from this, Panda, AVG,ESET and Norton are all good as well from what I've heard ! But customer support with TM is off the hook good.
    Here's what I"m thinking. I bought a year of Avast which I'll use on my spare computer. This computer came with Trend Micro and so far it seems excellent. I bought Norton from Amazon but think I'll return it as people tell me "nags" a lot. I like Avast but it would be tough to remove Trend and since I like it so far, I"ll give it a fair chance for a month.

    Yes, I thought of that later.... if FF and IE gets to Google it can't be Trend. I'm baffled. I did copy the URL and paste in Google Chrome.... nope, won't load.
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