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Changing email/sync information for Email and Calendar

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    Changing email/sync information for Email and Calendar

    I am extremely new to Windows 8 (like as of today) so I apologize in advance if I sound stupid in this.

    I was handed over a work computer today that runs Windows 8, the previous employee set everything up using her personal email information (IE: the email from the main email envelope is her email, and the calendar feature would add details to her personal calendar not the one for work). She is not set up as a user on the computer at all, but her personal details are linked into the system.

    I have searched the help documents everywhere and have gone through settings for the two applications trying to work out how to remove her personal information from the system and replace it with the work information. She doesn't need to see the new schedules or the times that our employees will be out on different jobs. My 3 hours of looking online this evening has brought me here for your help.

    Is there a way for me to go in and remove her personal information and replace it with the information for the company? I could sit and question her ethic as an employee for hours as to why she would do it this way, but honestly if her ethic was great, I wouldn't be taking this over at this point. I just need to ensure that the computer is set up for the business not for someone's personal email and calendar and ensure she isn't getting notifications of our future work schedules.

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    Just my2cents (no pun intended) but I wouldn't touch anyone's personal information on a computer that was handed over to me by an authorized representative of a company for the sole purpose of conducting business. IMHO, that computer should have been reinitialized by your IT department and all previous personal information should have bee removed. If I were you, I would take it right back to the person that gave it to you and tell them it contains personal information from a previous employee and let them deal with it.
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    Welcome to Windows EightForums, AprilDoyal.

    I'll second that motion. That's good sound advice by mytwocentsworth. It simply isn't and shouldn't be your responsibility to make sure the computer is set up accordingly.
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    Regardless if if you should be doing is changing mail account settings...

    Check or change email settings: Windows 8 Mail

    Add / change calendar account

    Calendar app for Windows: FAQs - Microsoft Windows Help
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Changing email/sync information for Email and Calendar
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