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The new IE10, favorites, and two different experiences

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    The new IE10, favorites, and two different experiences

    First tried out IE10 by selecting the IE tile. Did not like the resulting screen. Didn't really see any options anywhere.

    Migrated IE9 settings from Win7, imported them into IE10 (on the desktop), launched IE10 from the desktop -- able to see the favorites, cookies, etc.

    Relaunched IE10 using the Tile -- no favorites, just recent links.

    So, does this mean that Favorites will no longer function in IE 10 when you launch it via the Tile?

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    They both work differently.
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    Then I don't get it.

    What is the value of having the same app (IE 10) work very differently depending on WHERE you launch it?

    I would think that the Immersive interface would at least offer all the same functions as the desktop interface, and in best case, even more features -- not what appears to be a severely-limited set of features as it does at present.
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    Yes it is really irritating to me too.
    Lets hope they make changes in the Beta Release.
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    You could right click on a blank area while in the Metro IE10 window for some more options, but it's still not as good as using the normal IE10 from the desktop though. Hopefull they'll have a favorites option added in the next release.

    Luckily it's easy to switch back and forth between Metro IE10 & normal IE10 while in them.
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    This worked for me. I right clicked the IE exe in its folder and copied it to the Start menu in the program data folder.
    On a subsequent reboot, I had a copy of the Desktop IE in the Metro menu.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davehc View Post
    This worked for me. I right clicked the IE exe in its folder and copied it to the Start menu in the program data folder.
    On a subsequent reboot, I had a copy of the Desktop IE in the Metro menu.
    So basically, you added a Tile to launch IE in desktop mode, right?

    I understand that as a workaround -- but I still think it's a STUPID idea to have the Default version (after all, we're supposed to use the Metro interface by default) be the one that has the least functionality.
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    Yes Mark. Cannot argue with that point of view. I am using it as default. That does not prohibit me from adding things to it though?
    Workaround? I am certain that there are many user experimenters, who are installing software in the OS, and consequently, putting them into the Metro interface. This cannot be done with IE10, as it is built in. I merely found another way to "install" it elsewhere.
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    Hi there
    This is what a Pre BETA is for -- remember W8 started its life as essentially an OS for tablets and smart phones -- so the metro version of the browser behaves more or less like using a browser on a smart phone.

    Now that W8 is also going to be a workstation OS -- some of the apps need to be configured differently.

    I certainly don't have an issue having two different methods for launching an app -- especially if the OS is going to be used from different devices.

    What is probably needed is something in the setup which gives you configurable options as to run W8 like it's on a smartphone or behave more like a "classical" workstation OS.

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    Here what worked for me. In IE10 desktop version I exported my Favorites to Bookmark.html, then opened the html file in the metro version and pinned to start. Now Bookmarks show up as a tile on the Start page and I can launch from Start Page or if in IE metro browsing, when I put my cursor in the address bar in IE10 metro it shows up under Pinned.
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The new IE10, favorites, and two different experiences
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