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The new IE10, favorites, and two different experiences

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    This is a horrid implementation of IE. I had hoped it would have 'Favorites' like on my WP7 phone. I had hoped I wouldn't need to use the desktop at all in Win 8.

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    I like using the new IE 10. It's SOO much better than before! Some things are limiting like tab amount, but I don't have that happen too often.

    I would love to see it become more as a primary IE implementation though, where I don't need the Desktop version anymore.
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    Nice idea. You can, as you probably know?, just right click the favourites folder in Windows explorer and "Pin to start".- This will give you a Metro icon.
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    Thanks, davehc. Great idea! I knew that one can pin folders, apps, and programs, but that idea never came to mind.

    Would you know how to pin a doc to start? I have some that I often use, so I would like to do so.
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    I have tried everything - shortcuts, shortcuts from the desktop - no luck so far. But, of course, what you can do is create a doc folder, where all your important files are kept, and pin this. But that only gives a link to that folder. You could also make a folder for each doc, and give the folder the same name as the doc, but it is very clumsy, imo.
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    Thanks, davehc, but I pinned my docs folder a while back in my 1st column of tiles. I'll try the doc in the folder though. That'll be good for now. I'm kinda' stumped as to why they left out pinning office files for we all refer to things like notes and the like. Hopefully it'll be in the final release. Thanks again.
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    I think IE 10 Metro is good but it should close all tabs when you close it.
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    So wait... I just installed Win8 RP and am using IE 10 in the "metro" view right now (what a stupid, ridiculous term IMHO). So y'all are saying the only way to get "favorites" is to pin individual pages to Start? I have probably a hundred site favorites, don't really want to litter up my Start screen like that.

    Love the full screen browsing experience, but really HATE the limited functionality. I've been a die-hard Firefox user, may just have to stick with that. At least there I have my AdBlock Plus.
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    Another option is Chrome which came out with a "Metro Version" that allows you to not only have favorites but also has many of the same extensions as Firefox, including "AdBlock Plus". I to have been a big fan/user of Firefox and I think they have really missed the boat in not coming out with a "Metro Version" ASAP. I know Mozilla is working on one but Google has beat them to the punch and the more I use chrome, the more I am starting to like it. Now, after the time spent getting it configured with all the extensions that I used with Firefox I may just stay with chrome after Mozilla does finally get a "Metro Version" out.
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    Okay I'll check it out. I use Gmail and other Google apps, but have been resistant to Chrome for some time now, mainly just because Firefox works great in almost all cases. But yeah I did read about Chrome's metro version so I'll check that out.

    Still not even sure if I'll keep using Win8 or not. May have to shell out for Win7 whenever I upgrade my home machine. Sure wish they'd drop the prices on that OS. It would seem kinda dumb to have Win8 on the market for < $40 while Win7 sits right next to it for $150+.
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The new IE10, favorites, and two different experiences
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