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cant open FACEBOOK in any browser on WINDOWS 8

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    cant open FACEBOOK in any browser on WINDOWS 8

    Please Help Me its URGENTi am haveing Problem to OPEN FACEBOOK in any Brosewr on my WINDOWS 8
    i am using Windows 8 OS 64bit i here is details of my system
    Processor : Intel Core i5- 2310CPU @2.90Ghz

    RAM : 12gb
    System type : 64 bit Os
    WINDOWS 8 pro

    i am using
    quick heal anti virus

    Please help me i tried to open FACEBOOK and MICROSOFT site in all my Browsers like
    GOOGLE CHROM | IE | Firefox and safari also
    but i am facing same problem in all browsers same error
    webpage is not available
    and cant open this page

    please help me i tried to re install all the browsers and even tried to do settings in internet options and changed the settings by unchecked connection setting of proxy
    and i already rebooted my router and re installed all the internet setting
    but cant help my self so please friend help me out of this messs

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    How about u installing antivirus program or disabling it and see if that is your problem
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    I don't know about that first link working, that solution would not work for anyone not on his ISP. I always tell FB to use HTTPS.
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    I am Woman! Hear Me Roar!
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    Did you try disabling the antivirus program to see if it preventing you from opening it?
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    I'm just wondering if flushing the dns cache would resolve the issue, a stab in the dark!
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cant open FACEBOOK in any browser on WINDOWS 8
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