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Setting chromium as the default browser in Windows 8

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    Setting chromium as the default browser in Windows 8

    I've been using Windows 8 since the Developer preview and I've had no problems with it until now.

    I recently got fed up with Firefox (for being too slow, and buggy). so I installed Chromium (not chrome. Chromium, the open source version of Google chrome without that spyware Google puts in it's browser)

    But I have a big problem with it - I can't set it as my default browser. If I go to the settings and and click the big button that says "Make Chromium your default browser" all I get is this.

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    I've seen many tutorials about adding default software, but for some reason chromium isn't listed in the "default apps" section of control panel.

    Is there a way to navigate to a certain .exe to add it as a default?

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    See this post of mine, especially the last two links. The whole thread is about a similar problem, actually.

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    A good site to get Chromium from:

    The most recent one is the last folder.

    You will need to "Set Chromium As Default" from within the browser itself (it might even be necessary to run it as admin for this time only).

    Click image for larger version
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Setting chromium as the default browser in Windows 8
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