Hi there
strange behaviour on IE11 with Win 8.1 (Enterprise preview). On scrolling where there is a right scroll bar - i.e up and down on websites I get a jerky movement with a scrolling mouse. Other non web scrolls are fine. I've tested this with two completely different mice and it's the same problem. Sometimes also if I try and scroll UPWARDS the scroll reverts DOWN again. I noticed this happened AFTER I'd disabled the enhanced security settings for IE 11 -- I was getting fed up with UAC warning messages -- rather like the annoying UAC in VISTA.

THis only happens in the ENTERPRISE version. It must be something to do with Rendering as OPERA and CHROME are fine -- but I need to test IE11. Unless this is fixed it will be a SHOWSTOPPER.

I'm testing in a REAL physical machine not a VM in this case -- although strangely the VM version works fine so it must be something to do with the video driver.

Update : - strange one --went back to the manufacturers site and re-installed the W7 version of the driver (note the W7 not even W8 version) of the video driver -- all fixed now.

BTW W7 with IE11 installed didn't exhibit this problem which led me to try and install the W7 video driver.

I need to see if it's only on this laptop or a more general problem.