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can't use windows live mail

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    can't use windows live mail

    Upon being requested to enter a new password of 8 characters for my Outlook mailbox, my old password had 7, my windows live mail doesn't work. I should add that my windows live mail and my Outlook mail are the same email address.

    When I add my account, it puts up the "account being synchronized, check back later" line, but nothing happens, it just stays like that.

    I was getting the semi-usual error box about not being able to send or receive mail, usually that is a false statement, because I can send and receive mail, but this time was accurate. I uninstalled and re-installed the complete windows essentials 2012 suite, and now it just doesn't have anything in the mailbox, except that message about synchronizing and check back.

    The hotmail, which I have in the Outlook format, is the account that requested a new password because it wasn't opening I think, but I'm not sure I remember exactly. It requested an 8 character password, and like I said earlier, the password has always been a 7 character password. Now, even if I wanted to try and use the old password, I guess I couldn't because it says on the new password page "must be 8 characters". I'm wondering if this is a new policy, and if so, why wasn't there an email notification.

    I just checked in with the Outlook mailbox and I have new messages, so I guess I'm receiving mail for that box.

    Another thing I've thought to mention, I took some advice from a webpage post that told me to go to the registry and delete the windows live mail folder and also the C:\Users\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail folder and then re-install. These folders are back in place now, so I guess that really couldn't be a part of the problem.

    I can sign in with either mailbox using the new password, so that isn't a problem.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    That's unusual that forced you to make a new password? I've been using the same 7-character password for almost 20 years, it's never forced me to change it. If you can't get in, try using the original password.

    Also, on that subject, are you positive the "change password" message originated from Microsoft? It may have been a Phishing Expedition. If I were you I would try to recover your password using "Lost Password" - Make sure it is assigned to the same email address you originally used, if it is not, then someone may have hijacked your email, so I would get in there any way you can and change the password.
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can't use windows live mail
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