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where do i find the address

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    where do i find the address

    with windows XP there was an address bar at the upper left corner that if you used copy and past you could send a specific page or youtube video. but if you look at the upper left corner that is not what is there. what's there is the smaller box that was below the big box with the address you could click on. send the link in the box above and if it's for a youtube video you get a whole page of videos to chose from instead of the one video like on XP. if it's on the net, you get a full page of links to click on and you don't know which page to click on, unlike XP where you got the one page you were supposed to get. where is the thing at?

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    Sorry I'm a bit confused, what program were you in that had the address bar upper left corner ? Was it your browser ? Where were you getting the copy/paste to put in the address bar ?

    It sounds like you may be using the Internet Explorer app rather than the desktop version of IE, because the address bar is at the bottom of the IE app.
    I use the desktop version so still have the address bar at the upper left corner the same as it's always been.

    If you could explain in a little more detail about what it is you want to do one of the experts will be able to help.
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    I don't know how to ask it. i'm going to have to wait till the first (i'm on SSI) and see if I can work the money for a web cam into my budget that will take still pics. then i'll go back into my XP and photo that one, then show you what i'm talking about.
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where do i find the address
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