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Windows Mail Problems

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    Windows Mail Problems

    Having a few problems with Windows Live Mail, First of all, once I have received a message,how can I send it to a file in My Documents? There does not appear to be any icons to click onto or options on a right click using my laptop, cant find a copy or cut and paste drop down either , I'm sure its there somewhere , can anyone help ?

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    Hello Scan, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    While you either have the message selected or opened, you can click on either the save (disc) icon, press F12, or click on "File", Save -> "Save as File" to save the message where you like.

    Click image for larger version

    Hope this helps,
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    Hi shawn,
    Thank you for your reply,( I have a feeling this might take a while)
    I have recently transferred all my data from Microsoft outlook to windows live.
    With email open there are only 3 sections on view.
    Files that were created to store messages ; The message title and who it's from and the actual message itself.
    There are no icons anywhere , a right click brings up a blue roll bar at the bottom of the screen ,bottom left there are 2 circles with the words SYNC , PIN TO START ,in each. to the right, MOVE and MARK AS UNREAD , also in circles. A right click anywhere on the screen brings up that bar and nothing else.
    Trying a left click & hold ,right click and drag ,brings everything into reverse text , but there is no prompt or drop down to access to copy so it can be saved on a file using the save icon.
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    While you have the message(s) selected, you would click on the "File" tab to see the options like in the screenshot above.
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    That's the problem , there is no "file tab " on the email page, there are no tabs whatsoever, All I'm able to do with any email is read it, delete it or right click and hit the MOVE TO icon on the blue roll bar at the bottom of the screen . That will only move it to a
    file/folder that was already created on Microsoft outlook and got transferred over.
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    Please go ahead and post a screenshot showing what you are seeing instead. Be sure to blackout any personal information in the screenshot before posting it.

    Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Eight Forums
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    Click image for larger version

    This is all that I have to work with.
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    Ah, ok. You are using Mail app instead of Windows Live Mail (WLM).

    I haven't found a way to save messages in the Mail app either. I suppose that you could go online or use WLM to save them from.
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    Welcome to Windows EightForums, scan6052.

    Highlight the Email message you wish to save. [You may use mouse or Arrow up/down keys to navigate to it]

    Open the Charms Bar (slide out) [Mouse pointer upper or lower right hand corner or WinKey/C]

    Choose "Devices" [You may use Tab or Arrow keys then Enter key]

    Choose "Print" [Arrow down key once then Enter key] (Note: This will not print, but eventually save a copy to Documents)

    Choose "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" [You may use Tab or Arrow keys to navigate then press Enter key] (A Slide-out of the preview appears - Please notice all the print settings you may use)

    Press "Print" [You may use Tab key to navigate then press Enter key]

    (Pop up notification appears that states "A copy is saved to your Documents folder".

    If you press the notification it will open the email in XPS Viewer (which is a Desktop program)

    Then move around in File Explorer if so desired.
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    Damn that's a lot of work to save an email using the mail app....that's why I hate those freaking apps.

    Hey scan6052, you'll need an actual email client instead of using the mail app, either an online/browser mail like, gmail or yahoo or a downloadable one like windows live mail or Outlook. Those apps just have the basic functionality to receive and view mail. Which are fine and dandy on tablets and smart phones...that's what they were developed for but in a desktop environment....not so good.
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