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Trouble with IE10 shortcut

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    Trouble with IE10 shortcut

    Well, it's a minor trouble, but anyways, it might help me understanding the dynamics of the Start mosaic use...

    I had it all 100% when, after trying to tinker with the Default Programs in the Control Panel, I made a bad decision somewhere. I clicked where I shouldn't, and then the link to the IE10 in the mosaic was lost (the blue one, 'official' to the mosaic)!

    I can now only open it outside Metro, or open through a pinned web shortcut in the middle of the mosaic.

    I tried triggering again the IE10 in the Default Programs, but it just *poofed* away.

    Does anyone have any tips?

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    You could try a "system restore", if that doesn't help, try a "Refresh" using this Tutorial:Reset Windows 8
    Refresh won't delete any of your personal files( music, photos)
    Reset will delete your personal files.
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    You could just go to the start menu - search, and see if the IE tile is in the start menu list when clicking on search, or just enter in "Internet", IE will pop up on the left - right click and Pin it. Now it will be pinned back on the Metro start screen, just drag and move it to where you need it.
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    The trouble is that the only IE that appeared, was the No Addons IE10; The other one simply vanished from the search engines...


    Thanks for the advice, but... it screwed up big time! Don't know how, my mouse pointer vanished, the IE10 continued absent, and I lost too much configuration and programs installed...

    Well, I'll have just to uninstall W8, since it stopped working with minimal functionality.

    Lesson learned, don't mess with the defaults of a beta-version...
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    Windows 8

    Looking around for some fixes on this issue. ummm..

    Go in "Internet Options">"Programs" tab>"File associations">click on "Set applications". Then "Select all" and click Ok.

    The Metro app logo of IE in Start menu will now be full. Adding to the fact that you have set IE 10 as your default browser from "Internet Options", you are now ready to start IE in full screen Metro style. Hope that help !
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Trouble with IE10 shortcut
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