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    Mail App Issues

    Hi All,

    I'm not very technically minded. So stick with me.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop running windows 8 and I have had no end of issues with my E-mails!

    Today for example, my 2 or 3 emails came through from my synced account. I was testing it, because some E-mails don't come in. Only 2 of my 5 test E-mails came in to the app while they all arrived at the original outlook account on my desktop.

    I have it synced to update E-mails as the come in but yet they don't, even though they arrive on my original desktop account.

    Is this a problem to do with my laptop or a bug in the app?

    Please don't send me to the Mail App FAQs section - I've tried everything there at least twice and nothing works!

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    make sure you have the latest version of the Mail app. even if it's a new laptop, it will still ship with the original versions of the apps that came with the original RTM version of Windows 8. the Mail app came with a lot of improvements over time.

    also make sure the account settings for the mail app show "download email from anytime". by default, it only downloads email from the past 2 weeks.
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    I've tried all of that - still no luck.

    E-mails sometimes come in when I first put on the laptop, but any sent to me while it is on won't get through to me.

    I have it set to download as they arrive and it is synced to the original account as I can access old emails and I am still able to send E-mails.
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Mail App Issues
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