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Web browser crashing problems

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    Web browser crashing problems

    I am getting REALLY sick and tired of my web browser crashing every 10 minutes and wiping everything I've done. Well Done Windows, another completely rubbish product that doesn't even work. Do you even try any more to make something of quality? Or just put out whatever you managed to come up with in your spare time not even putting any work into the products you make.
    A VERY unsatisfied customer who is advising all they meet against Windows 8

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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there
    W8 might have a load of problems but AFAIK browser failure shouldn't be one of them. I haven't had a single issue with IE10.

    Have you installed some other 3rd party apps that might be causing havoc with your browser such as 3rd party AV software which isn't needed - or even adobe flash which again isn't needed as it's built in.

    Seems we have a lot of folks from 'OZ here on the forums who really don't like W8 one bit -- hopefully Ms isn't supplying you guys with an "Upside down" version of W8. !!

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    nope, the only thing I've downloaded is trend micro the anti-virus software. ive only just bought my laptop a week ago and every 10-30 minutes my web brower will crash wiping all my research. quite annoying as I am a uni student and am forever losing the research I've done.
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    What browser are you using? You might try using another browser like Chrome or Firefox and see if that helps!
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    Let me add my take on this. Unhappy1,if you are using IE, (by the way is the worst browser; my opinion), Iwould think about trying Chrome or Firefox and see if your problemgoes away.
    Has your computer done any updates? Thereason I ask is because back on Windows 7 an update broke my IEbrowser, and I had to download and reinstall it.
    With that out of the way, let meaddress jimbo45. I am glad you haven't had any problems with IE, thisis rare. For many years I have not been a fan of Windows OS, I am aLinux guy. But out of all the Windows version MS has come out with Ihave to say Windows 8 is the best. I like the design but I still havesome issues with it. I don't believe there is enough testing beforethey release it. Alpha/Beta testing and bug fixing are very importantsteps and I believe that MS does not do enough before there release aproduct. Also Windows security sucks. Linux is a very security OS incomparison. Never and I mean never had a virus or malware infect myLinux OS. I can not say that with Windows.
    With that out of the way, I will closeby saying that both OS' have their straights and their weakness' andcompetition is a good thing.
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    Harrisonburg, Va.
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    FWIW, Try Opera.
    Very stable.

    IE 10 crashed on me so much I felt like weeping.
    I tried Chrome & it crashed too often.

    Opera runs pretty good.(For me)

    Overall, win 8 is pretty good.
    It takes getting used to.
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Web browser crashing problems
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