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Flash Player audio and video synch

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    Flash Player audio and video synch

    When using Flash Player within IE10 in 8, audio and video synch is fine at standard small screen, but when I go to full screen they do not synch. The video is behind timing with the audio. It looks as though the video skips now and then trying to catch up with the audio. I dual boot with 7 and do not have a problem with Flash within IE10 there, so I'm assuming it's not hardware. This happens on any site using Flash.

    All the settings in both Flash Players are the same. The only difference is that my 7 OS is 32 bit with 32bit Flash whereas my 8 OS is 64bit with 32bit Flash. Would anyone know what's up?

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    Orbiting the Moon
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    Windows 10 x64

    Look here, mostly in post 3:
    Adobe Community: Audio out of sync in Flash Player 11

    Are the latest drivers for Intel GMA 3000 used there?
    Try also to disable hardware acceleration in Flash Player's settings.
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    Thanks, H. Just getting to this.

    Tried to install latest driver, but it stated my machine doesn't meet minimum requirements. I think this is the correct one:

    Also, I cannot find "disable hardware acceleration in Flash Player's settings" either in the Flash Player's Settings Manager from Control Panel nor right clicking on a vid for Global Settings. Where would that be?
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    Orbiting the Moon
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    Windows 10 x64

    You're welcome.

    Normally there's this option menu:
    Adobe Community: How do I disable or enable hardware acceleration?

    Something IE-specific:
    How to enable or disable software rendering in Internet Explorer 9

    See if that software rendering helps, somewhere there should be an option with hardware acceleration on or off but I do recommend the flash-specific options first if you see those somewhere.

    Right click on a video -> settings (not the global settings you see in control panel).

    Good luck.
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    Orbiting the Moon
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    Windows 10 x64

    About the drivers, look carefully, the one you need is from a while back and can be confused with the latest embedded 3000 drivers.
    I hope you don't run on the Basic Display Adapter on Windows 8... that doesn't like 3D acceleration and it would already be disabled (in contrary case, disable it manually).

    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    Tried to install latest driver, but it stated my machine doesn't meet minimum requirements. I think this is the correct one:
    That one in the link says:
    2nd Generation Intel® Core™ Processors with Intel® HD Graphics 3000/2000

    So that means it's built in and embedded in the cpu itself. It doesn't match.

    In case of the Pentium D, it doesn't have built in graphics but the motherboard has it built in. Or you have it in a PCIe x16...
    The good one would be GMA 3000 for the Intel 946GZ chipset (desktop). These are older and a bit harder to find.

    Search term 'Intel 946GZ' here:

    ...would give something like this for Win7:
    A good one.
    This is as an example here but you can pick another one, x64 if needed. the description mentions all compatible motherboards and you can also get a zip version to manually install through Device Manager (if the installer fails: for some Win7 drivers on Win8 usually).

    In case you need Win8 drivers, I'm afraid Win7 drivers are the latest they provide for this one. Driver date says 2009 and I really have my doubts about this one on Win8. If they don't install, try getting a (extracted) zip version through Device Manager but if that fails as well don't use those drivers. If win8 didn't detected the card (Basic Display Adapter is mentioned) the day you installed the OS, then you should try the Win7 driver (would be better than the Basic Adapter).

    You can search (using IE) on (some) drivers and see if MS has something listed: search for "Intel GMA 3000" and/or "Intel 946GZ" and if something is found, extract the cab and install that through Device Manager.

    If all fails, stick with the latest one you have installed. I don't think they still develop for older hardware. Keep the last-good drivers installed since they don't make new ones in this case.

    Just some simple tips.

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    Finally getting to this again. Thanks for all your help and straightening me out on graphics of the motherboard vs CPU, H.

    Firstly, I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think the sync was always off. It seems it changed along the line. LADYPINKtomato1 is reporting that she has the same problem. She messaged me: It may have been a non-related update that gives me the problem. Something to keep in mind.

    I got the Flash Player update in 8 the other day which helped the synch, but not quite there. It's approximately 1 second off instead of 3.

    Strangely I have no problem with Flash sync in IE10 in my 7. My 7 is 32bit whereas my 8 is 64bit. Would that make a difference by any chance?

    Both Flash Player versions in 7 and 8 are the same and is the latest (WIN 11,7,700,224).

    I downloaded and installed the 7 driver you linked (Version:, but no difference. It's still out of sink in the full-screen mode. It's the same graphics driver version I have on my 7.

    When it comes to enabling or disabling hardware acceleration; I go to the page you linked: Adobe Community: How do I disable or enable hardware acceleration?, which in turn takes me to Find version. I get different settings popup when following instructions (right click). The snip below is what the instruction page is and the screen shot is what I get. It's completely different in that I don't have the "screen tab" or all 5 of the tabs of the settings popup, only 4. Not understanding why it's different. The 3rd snip is in my 7. It has it and is checked.

    Attachment 23326

    Attachment 23327

    Attachment 23328

    The software rendering setting in IE10/Advanced was checked already. Just for grins I tried unchecking with no difference. It is not checked in IE10 in my 7.

    Another thing I've always thought of was to install a video card in this machine. There is a slot for it. I may have to do that now. The graphics has always been the lowest score of the WEI.

    Any more help would be much appreciated.
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    Orbiting the Moon
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    Windows 10 x64

    Yes, it's weird that the needed tab is missing. But notice this: title says version and capabilities (if detected). I still assume that the hardware acceleration is missing from your graphics card or the Win7 driver is not working properly on Win8. Therefore you can insert another graphics card to test that out but before that, I would test another browser like FireFox (just a test: I know you are an IE fan ) because it has another, non-activex Flash player. If FFox Flash also doesn't have the hardware acceleration tab, it confirms that the graphic card or the driver are too old for Win8 (but Win7 still works fine as I see).

    Give it a go on IE x64 as well:
    Also don't forget that you can test that on IE 10 64bit as well. (Non-IE x64: Waterfox, Pale Moon and Opera64 use the same 64bit non-activex Flash version, just in case you need this for a test).
    By default the 32bit browser is the one that gets used on 64bit systems. So the 64bit IE uses a 64bit version of Flash (one you probably never used since we need to click a more-hidden icon for this).
    See how that one goes, if it's the same version and if the options are available here or not.

    If no other Flash versions and flavors detect the acceleration capability than it's the driver or mainly the older graphics card to blame.

    Flash periodically gets newer versions and older graphic cards may get removed from the profile list while newer graphic cards are added, this can be seen in change-logs... rendering older hardware incompatible over time... that's how hardware upgrades get forced to people who keep older hardware for a long time.

    Good luck again.
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    Thanks much for all the info, H.

    I will certainly try all these. I'm swamped with work and off to the north woods this weekend, so it'll be another week before I get to it.
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    Orbiting the Moon
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    Windows 10 x64

    You're welcome HG.

    Take your time, no hurry. One way or another, I think it's a fixable issue.
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    Update. Trip got cancelled till this weekend. In the mean time I installed 8.1. Lo and behold there is no more sync problem.

    IE11 in 8.1 has a new Flash Player version > 11.7.700.228 instead of .224 in IE10, although that combo works fine in my 7 side.

    Must have to be the correct combo of OS/Kernel, IE version, and Flash version? Just wondering. Just trying to learn.
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Flash Player audio and video synch
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