So a friend of mine just got a new Asus laptop that came pre-installed with Windows 8. So on powering up it asked him the basic windows 8 first time setup info. He gave his name etc. but gave a yahoo.com email address instead of a microsoft account (hotmail etc.). So now that he has restarted the PC it takes him to the Windows 8 password login screen which prints his name and yahoo.com email (read-only) and below that the password box. It does not however accept the password he gave when he setup Windows 8. It gives some message about not being able to sign in at this time and please visit account.live.com

Here is where it becomes even more frustrating. In his yahoo.com inbox he has a bunch of automated emails from microsoft about confirming his microsoft account and to click on the confirm link. However this just opens a new tab and takes him to the typical microsoft account login page?? Basically by entering a non-microsoft email address it has stopped him being able to use Windows 8.

Checked Asus website for recovery partition so that I can help my friend redo the setup process. However instructions were for Win7. Laptop did not come with any OS disks and cannot get in to windows, because of above issue, to make a recovery disk. Found this link Reset Windows 8 with the 'Reset your PC option and was thinking of recovering windows 8 that way since these laptops must have the recovery partition. However one of the screen shots show having to enter the OS serial number. Is it likely this would automatically be read from the system bios? I understand since they don't put the OS serial number sticker on laptops anymore that it is hidden in the bios?

Well any opinions on how to solve this issue would be appreciated,