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Problems with Windows8 Mail

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    Problems with Windows8 Mail

    Windows 8 Mail seems to have many problems. When I connect my Hotmail account, I only see unread counts on the Inbox - not for any of my folders until I actually open them in Mail. Is this expected behavior??? Sure makes someone with a lot of folders unhappy when first setting up Mail... Will it sync and update the unread counts as new message come in?

    Microsoft Mail simply won't import Gmail calendar and contacts - I found this in another post.

    And speaking of GMail - many folders just don't import. I set the import setting for back to the end of time - but they don't import. Same issues as with Hotmail - unread counts are not updated until a folder is opened - so if a folder name is not imported and thus can't be opened...then...

    Also, I delete messages in Windows 8 - and the Deleted folder - but they don't get deleted from the GMail server. If afterwards I execute a sync in Windows 8 Mail - the messages come back! All told, it makes this mail client unusable.

    Any help out there? Similar experiences?


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    in the account settings, do you have it set to download email from anytime? by default, it's set to download unread from the last 2 weeks.
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Problems with Windows8 Mail
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