I must say this is the most baffling problem I have ever encountered in any machine I have used. I have just bought an ASUS Interl i5 with 8 megs and installed a NVIdea card. I intentionally put windows 8 on the machine as I am a web site developer and need to keep all new technology to stay up to date.

On a personal note I hate Windows 8!

I also installed the newest office and outlook which again has not impressed me.

So here is the problem:

I have many email accounts for my clients hosted on Godaddy Virtual dedicated servers using a plesk interface.

I have at least 7 devices that all use many of the emails for support of my clients. I also have personal email addresses E.G. Gmail, me and yahoo accounts. All are set up to IMAP into individual devices including Apple desktop and Iphone.

The Asus desktop running windows 8 64 bit and outlook which is on the same wifi network as every other device will not connect to any of my GoDaddy web accounts. dave@davidhall.us info@aspirenetsolutioins etc. But will connect to every one of my other accounts.

Now remember all of these accounts work on every other machine in my office which are all on the same network.

I have talked to Microsoft tech support for 4 hours who took control of the machine and got nowhere. It was escalated and we did another 3 hours still no cure. GoDaddy states no errors on their end and I believe them as it is localized to one computer.

I can not set up any accounts either pop or IMAP on this machine unless I use something other then my hosted accounts.

I have also taken all other computers off line and ran direct cable to my computer bypassing my wireless router to rule out port problems. Again no success.

Anyone have suggestions prior to me ripping down the machine and doing a fresh install?